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You got your Alpha Centauri in my Starcraft!

Our next project is getting those two great games to play great together.

I should qualify that statement.

The game is about guerrilla warfare IN SPACE, with the great powers of the galaxy trying to one-up each other and gain control of the 4 valuable systems of the Eridani star cluster.

Each map, in single player/co-op story mode, multiplayer competitive story mode, and standard multiplayer, will be a planet - or a colony, or several hollow asteroid bases. Sometimes a small planet, yes, and squished for scale, but it's on a planet.

There are always several neutral AI factions - as opposed to AI or human combatant factions. By 'neutral' I mean they default to quietly gathering resources and living their lives in relative peace, without a thought of war.

Most maps require you to control most of the map for a certain amount of time or to control a certain amount of neutral cities for most of the game. You can do so by rolling over them with tanks, of course, but 'culturally' converting or even buying the neutrals is slower but more effective because you get a functioning forward base in the bargain.

Cultural conversion also helps in wartime against human and AI combatants: it 'lowers civilian morale,' increasing upkeep costs and making it cheaper to mind-control enemy neutrals and units by various means.

In addition, most units start life as that factions generic units: generic Personnel, generic Armor, generic Mecha, generic Plane, generic Gunship, and so on. What makes them unique is a level-up system; they begin with a couple of levels in a 'class,' and can learn new skills and train in new equipment with them. Tech-trees are more like those in Warcraft 3 than in Civ 4 or SMAC, that way, and units are more flexible; teching up involves higher level base units rolling off the assembly line, and having vets gives you a good early game advantage.

Please give detailed thoughts, comments, suggestions and critique on these ideas!
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