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Our main artist for Bliss Stage: First and Final Act (you know, the VN) is bilingual Japanese and English.

Also, interested in the game.

Would you be interested in a Japanese translation of Bliss Stage, to be smuggled into Comiket or such?
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Ya rly.

You know how sometimes people on your friendslist post about stuff going on in their life, and all of a sudden you think "Wait a minute? Since when were they working THERE? Since when were they dating HIM/HER? Since when???" And then you wonder how you could have missed all that seemingly pretty standard information, but somehow you feel too ashamed to ask for clarification because it seems like info you should already know? It happens to all of us sometimes.

Please copy the topics below, erase my answers and put yours in their place, and then post it in your journal! Please elaborate on the questions that would benefit from elaboration. One-word answers seldom help anyone out.

Elliott Brady White Belser.

1985. March 22 85. Ox/Aries - all kinds of butthead.

Berkeley CaliFOHNya.

Student and god willing game designer and concept artist.

Arashi is my Tempestuous Anchor at 5/4.

Dude, wait till I own a house and have been married to Arashi for at least two years.

Sabastian is awesome. He also claims not to be gay while flirting with boys and wearing a pink shirt saying "Real Men Wear Pink." Sure, Sab.

Not at the moment. I am a cat person. A dog is fine too.

1) What's worse than being caught going hypomanic? Being caught going hypomanic by your hostile parents.
2.) Arashi visits friday. Film at 11.
3.) Running a Scion game what kicks much ass.
4.) Also Bliss Stage, woo Bliss Stage.

My parents always have my back, and help me navigate the Real World as an adult.

They're still dicks about it though.

Casey, Jasper, and the Bliss Stage Fanboys. It says something that I feel I know and trust people I met online through a game better than I trust my parents... but what it says I don't know.

chocolatefrapp and akamatsu. I <3 them and want thier writing/design to succeed. Also, we are Foodies together.

Plus, Arashi. She was a FWB long before she was my One True. And that's probably why she is my One True.
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Mentlegen. You can haz mind virus.

Here's how it works.

Stat your current Bliss, Trauma, and relationships to four people on your friends-list in terms of Intimacy, Trust and Stress, in Bliss Stage game terms.

Then ask those people to do the same.

Note - I will not be held responsible for the fallout when you reveal an Intimacy 5 ('we had sex to get closer') relationship to someone who doesn't want that to be public knowledge. Pick who you're statting accordingly.

Bliss: 45
Trauma: 1

Alextfish: 3/3. (Ask me about the great ChiarkPerson Bliss Stage Flame War sometime! TL;DR he defended my position and helped me calm down.)

BenLehman: 2/5. (As near as I can tell. He made me think a game called Hot Guys Making Out would be worth playing. Protip: It is.)

BlackBlueSock: 3/2. (That one Trust Break was a bitch, but our apologies was made. Yay game-naive Bliss Stage players who pwn their first game.)

Tigerbunny: 3/3-2. (Passionate arguments about the characterization of VN characters. Still working on finding that copy of Ze Contract. Might have been buried in the Great Room Clean-Up. Sorry...)
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Ask them what they'd like. Get that.

If the answer is anything, cook for them and spend time with them.
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Garrett Richards
Rising Hero
Age 16
Bliss 31
Trauma 1

Torey: Black chassis with white ankh 4/2-0
"She is the foundation of all I strive for. I must never forget that."
Asha: Red sword 4/2-0 incoming
"Bold, but perhaps too proud."
Jill: Orange shield 3/2-0 incoming
"She holds nothing back, in battle or with Candace."
Liz: Green axe 3/1-0
"She strives, and that's what's important."
Isabel: Golden orb 2/2-0
"She seems kind."
Victoria: Blue Jinx Array 1/1-0
"Honest? Perhaps. Reliable? Never."
Moe: Violet energy field 4/1-0
"He makes a mockery of honor. I should have hit harder."
Matthew: White staff of lightning 2/1-0
"I think some of the others fail to appreciate what he does for us."
others at 1/3-0

We have Bliss Sign, today at 3-5 PST, or sooner if available.


Nov. 12th, 2009 09:28 am
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Be there or be square.

Available 3:00 to 5:00 today.
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No such thing as romantic chemistry - there's immediate visceral physical attraction, or Chemistry, and there's a deep, intimate and trusting bond, or love. The first takes weeks; the second months.

Mind, chemistry with your lover helps. A lot.

On a related note, I love you, Arashi, and I always will.
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Is awesome.

Especially if you know what the words 'Remote Viewing' mean.

...Yeah. It's about that. It's based on a true story about army experiments in Remote Viewing.

Run by a hippie.

Did I mention it's awesome and you should go see it?

Thanks, UniversalQueen.
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Life is Bliss and then you don't care )

Financial Aid decided to compromise; given my shitty academic track record, they were unwilling to give me the money now... but they ARE willing to give it to me when I get my grades, so long as I get at least all C's. That shouldn't be hard at all; and then I have $6000 for then and next semester.

Doesn't help with Teh Moneyz now, but I was planning on seeking Employment anyway.

There are movies I would like to see, now.

Assuming you care. )
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Or anyone else who would like to be in two open slots?

They just met another Resistance unexpectedly.

Not children, mind. Another Resistance.

There's an NPC pilot called Asha Remar, controlled by me. Her battles are not your Resistance's battles, so the fact that she is a pilot does not make her a Pilot.

(She is ENTIRELY a riff off of the game Iji, by the way. Her chassis is her Anchor and brother Daniel Remar, and is a nanomolecular cybernetic frame. Her other manifestations are weapons in the reconfigurable man-portable nanogun she affectionately refers to as 'Cannon.')

All I ask is that the APPEARANCE of your character and thier ANIMa is a riff off of a video game, either from the 8 bit, 16 bit, or Indie Retro eras.
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As Hogwarts Hocus is now going to be home to an ANIMa corps, I don't think I should sockpuppet her. Already Keenan, and already a Pilot, you know?


Post if you got the time and the resolve.
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It's up at http://www.loveismyweapon.com - and it is crack.

Next week... well, have this excerpt.

lol SMAC whut )

Mother Ship: We have Mission sign at 1:30 PST.
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EnglishSpeaking! Shampoo from Ranma 1/2, honestly.

She's portrayed as energetic, flirtatious, and posessing of the weird mix of clingy and poly that I can deal with.

Also, as being rather sensual and catlike, in a good way. Not just in terms of, well, I'd tell you to get your minds out the the gutter IF I weren't a hypocrite; but also she's PORTRAYED as foodie with a fondness for touching, being touched, perfume and the like.


Tomorrow on www.loveismyweapon.com is Random Fandom Wednesday.

Be very afraid, Bliss Stage fans.

I go on something resembling a Date today. Wish me luck.

And good afternoon.
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For Bliss Stage: Mother Ship. Rather soon, 12:00-12:30 PST.

Also, if anyone would be interested in an IRC game of Bliss Stage who is NOT in one of mine currently, talk to me. I am interested in running vanilla games, First And Final Act (the one-shot or a campaign based on same), or LULZ CRACKY RANDOM FANDOM versions.


Oct. 23rd, 2009 02:33 pm
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This, it is wisdom.

It may also be triggery, what with a name like Schrodinger's Rapist.


Read it. For great justice.

Wolven does this, so it can't hurt: Good afternoon.
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Commanders Intent:
Destroy a lightly fortified base, code named "Temple of Courage."

Lieutenant-Captain Timothy Creek
Anchored by Captain Sara Yamamoto
Lieutenant-Captain Mozart Butler
Anchored by Captain Tina Smith

Creek and Butler are to break into the Temple.
Creek is then to head for the power core, evading
or destroying patrols,
then disable the power core.
Meanwhile, Butler is to head for the ammo dump, evading
or destroying patrols,
then destroy the ammo dump.
They must then both escape.

Yeah. Blueblack, you gonna be on tonight? To Anchor Moe?
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Chessy asked me to write something about being a Bliss Stage Authority Figure. (Icon related).

So I thought about it, and here's what I wrote.

Write something in the Bliss Stage... universe is too strong; symbol set and situation?... about being the Authority, the last waking adult in the world, leading children and teenagers to war against literal Nightmares with love as their weapon. Then ask me to write a story, about whatever you want, and I will reciprocate.

Only What Is Freely Offered
Fandom: Bliss Stage
Pairings: LOLWHUT. Original characters, you wouldn't care.
Tags: Sex, Dreams, Mania
Warnings: Depicts mania and implies a sexual relationship between me, at 24, and and someone else, at 17. Iffn ya'll care. That person exists. I don't think she'd mind being in this, but... names changed to protect the Innocent Sweetheart.

Suuchan? I... think I'm coming down... )


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