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Although in my case it's less for pleasure than for Serious Fucking Business.

The demo of Bliss Stage: Love Is Your Weapon will be out by then, if all goes exactly as according to keihaku. And there will be posters to sell, and the gayest Bliss Stage oneshot EVER.

Other than that, I'm doing well: school continues apace, I have a place to live during construction on the house, and I'm getting the services I need to function.

When your worst problem is trouble wrangling people for a game, you've got it good.
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Afternoon to y'all.

Spent the morning working on the house - living in a house my parents are renovating, and they removed the chimney, so I'm stacking bricks. Good workout, actually; I lost an inch doing it. 57'' is a horrible waistline size, but it beats the hell out of 58'': 56 and no or bust next week, here's hoping.

Applying for some jobs! Going to the farmer's market with a stack of resumes this weekend, hoping to snag a job as a cook for a prepackaged food company or as a farmhand. Wish me luck, guys.

Last weekend, spent some time with [livejournal.com profile] universal_queen, Feyna, Henry and Ben - Bliss Stage game, plus shit-shooting and dinner. Made spaghetti with pesto cream sauce - always a winner - and fried some fish, which... didn't work as well. Next time, Elli, deep fry: don't half-ass it.

And speaking of Bliss Stage - those just tuning in, I've been tapped for a fan-project, a Visual Novel for PC's (and Macs, come to that). I mentioned that I might want to post some Interludes from same, and...

Well, I still do, but I'd like to structure it as if it were a rough play-through of the game. Not at this site: I'd like it to be a little more... uh... secure. But at another site.

If you'd be interested in being part of this... shall we call it a Let's Write? Then post here, and I'll invite you to the site.
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I've applied for classes, though I may need to shuffle them around. Probably will take Spanish instead of Japanese if it's still available - it should have been my third choice (after ASL and Mandarin) for foreign language, and it was one of the few with an introductory course. Probably taking basic Computer Science as well - I love working with fiddly logic bits.

My culinary training is, in retrospect, awesome. A great deal of time was spent in France figuring out logical food science and procedures; because of that, I can improvise well with my training. I had flour, butter, chicken broth, onions and curry powder - and from that I could make a pretty good mild curry. Had couscous on the side, then my training suggested to me that if fried rice is good, that fried cous-cous might also be good. TL;DR: it was. If you ever have leftover cous-cous, make fried cous-cous. Your taste buds will thank you. At this point it's not enough to get me a job as a cook, of course, but it is enough for home economics and eating well for cheap.

I turned in an application for a job at a dollar store down the street, which was oddly satsifying. I have a fair crack at getting the job, too - I was a pretty good cashier back at Tacone some four years ago, and my brother's friend and my sort-of-friend Yessenia works there and is willing to recommend me. It's good to finally GET OHN WITH IT after spending six years as Hisao Nakai depressed and unable to act around my disabilites and mental illness.

My rewrites of the Bliss Stage VN scenes are good; the characters are a lot more gritty and earthy and pragmatic this go round without being any less cheerful, hopeful and idealistic. I especially like my Ruthless-If-Pressed version of Sara Smith and my Not An Asshole version of Keenan Caine this go round. Also, the VN's Joshua Preston is pretty much the opposite of a moron this go round. I'm really enjoying my dialog exercises with these guys - most of it's going in the VN.

And how are you?
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Crossposted from Ben Lehman's LJ:

"Hi everyone.

From now until Sunday midnight, I’ll donate all profits from PDF sales on my website (which is basically the amount you paid) to Haitian earthquake recovery organizations. Additionally, I will donate $5 from each copy of Drifter’s Escape. So if you’ve been thinking about buying Polaris or Bliss Stage, now’s a great time. For this to work, you have to buy directly from my website not from IPR.

If you have already donated $10 or more, send me a receipt and I’ll send you a free PDF.

I’d also take suggestions for organizations to donate to."

If any of you have been meaning to pick up Bliss Stage, Polaris, or Drifters Escape, now's the time.

XXXXtreme Street Luge (The Game That's Like Vin Deisel) is fine too.
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Life happens.

I'm re-enrolling in classes, taking out a student loan - this is pretty much the best way to ensure that I have money and regular computer access at this point, and in the future. That combined with continuing to look for clerical and data entry work.

Taking creative writing classes on the grounds that it will force me to do creative writing, at least 1/3 of which will not be Bliss Stage related.

Speaking of which, the VN chugs along. I am hoping we can get something out in time for Anime Conji in April (http://www.animeconji.org/), because I'm holding some games there (http://www.animeconji.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=37). Including but not limited to the infamous Katawa Stage; I'm rewriting it to be less LULZ DATING SIM INJOKES (specifically, I'm making Hisao a Rising Hero with an actual codified stat block, rather than the stupid trick where he's a Devoted Lover with a 5/3 to be assigned); AstraKiseki rightly pointed out that "no one cares."

On a related note, I really need to get some Bliss Stage cosplay going for that. Planning on going as VN!Josh Preston, Kenji, and/or (Gurren Lagaan's) Viral, Marketing. Should be fun.

I can also probably hold Bliss Stage games online for people; in fact I intend to.
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Mentlegen. You can haz mind virus.

Here's how it works.

Stat your current Bliss, Trauma, and relationships to four people on your friends-list in terms of Intimacy, Trust and Stress, in Bliss Stage game terms.

Then ask those people to do the same.

Note - I will not be held responsible for the fallout when you reveal an Intimacy 5 ('we had sex to get closer') relationship to someone who doesn't want that to be public knowledge. Pick who you're statting accordingly.

Bliss: 45
Trauma: 1

Alextfish: 3/3. (Ask me about the great ChiarkPerson Bliss Stage Flame War sometime! TL;DR he defended my position and helped me calm down.)

BenLehman: 2/5. (As near as I can tell. He made me think a game called Hot Guys Making Out would be worth playing. Protip: It is.)

BlackBlueSock: 3/2. (That one Trust Break was a bitch, but our apologies was made. Yay game-naive Bliss Stage players who pwn their first game.)

Tigerbunny: 3/3-2. (Passionate arguments about the characterization of VN characters. Still working on finding that copy of Ze Contract. Might have been buried in the Great Room Clean-Up. Sorry...)
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Garrett Richards
Rising Hero
Age 16
Bliss 31
Trauma 1

Torey: Black chassis with white ankh 4/2-0
"She is the foundation of all I strive for. I must never forget that."
Asha: Red sword 4/2-0 incoming
"Bold, but perhaps too proud."
Jill: Orange shield 3/2-0 incoming
"She holds nothing back, in battle or with Candace."
Liz: Green axe 3/1-0
"She strives, and that's what's important."
Isabel: Golden orb 2/2-0
"She seems kind."
Victoria: Blue Jinx Array 1/1-0
"Honest? Perhaps. Reliable? Never."
Moe: Violet energy field 4/1-0
"He makes a mockery of honor. I should have hit harder."
Matthew: White staff of lightning 2/1-0
"I think some of the others fail to appreciate what he does for us."
others at 1/3-0

We have Bliss Sign, today at 3-5 PST, or sooner if available.


Nov. 12th, 2009 09:28 am
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Be there or be square.

Available 3:00 to 5:00 today.
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Life is Bliss and then you don't care )

Financial Aid decided to compromise; given my shitty academic track record, they were unwilling to give me the money now... but they ARE willing to give it to me when I get my grades, so long as I get at least all C's. That shouldn't be hard at all; and then I have $6000 for then and next semester.

Doesn't help with Teh Moneyz now, but I was planning on seeking Employment anyway.

There are movies I would like to see, now.

Assuming you care. )
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Or anyone else who would like to be in two open slots?

They just met another Resistance unexpectedly.

Not children, mind. Another Resistance.

There's an NPC pilot called Asha Remar, controlled by me. Her battles are not your Resistance's battles, so the fact that she is a pilot does not make her a Pilot.

(She is ENTIRELY a riff off of the game Iji, by the way. Her chassis is her Anchor and brother Daniel Remar, and is a nanomolecular cybernetic frame. Her other manifestations are weapons in the reconfigurable man-portable nanogun she affectionately refers to as 'Cannon.')

All I ask is that the APPEARANCE of your character and thier ANIMa is a riff off of a video game, either from the 8 bit, 16 bit, or Indie Retro eras.
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As Hogwarts Hocus is now going to be home to an ANIMa corps, I don't think I should sockpuppet her. Already Keenan, and already a Pilot, you know?


Post if you got the time and the resolve.
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It's up at http://www.loveismyweapon.com - and it is crack.

Next week... well, have this excerpt.

lol SMAC whut )

Mother Ship: We have Mission sign at 1:30 PST.
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For Bliss Stage: Mother Ship. Rather soon, 12:00-12:30 PST.

Also, if anyone would be interested in an IRC game of Bliss Stage who is NOT in one of mine currently, talk to me. I am interested in running vanilla games, First And Final Act (the one-shot or a campaign based on same), or LULZ CRACKY RANDOM FANDOM versions.
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Commanders Intent:
Destroy a lightly fortified base, code named "Temple of Courage."

Lieutenant-Captain Timothy Creek
Anchored by Captain Sara Yamamoto
Lieutenant-Captain Mozart Butler
Anchored by Captain Tina Smith

Creek and Butler are to break into the Temple.
Creek is then to head for the power core, evading
or destroying patrols,
then disable the power core.
Meanwhile, Butler is to head for the ammo dump, evading
or destroying patrols,
then destroy the ammo dump.
They must then both escape.

Yeah. Blueblack, you gonna be on tonight? To Anchor Moe?
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Chessy asked me to write something about being a Bliss Stage Authority Figure. (Icon related).

So I thought about it, and here's what I wrote.

Write something in the Bliss Stage... universe is too strong; symbol set and situation?... about being the Authority, the last waking adult in the world, leading children and teenagers to war against literal Nightmares with love as their weapon. Then ask me to write a story, about whatever you want, and I will reciprocate.

Only What Is Freely Offered
Fandom: Bliss Stage
Pairings: LOLWHUT. Original characters, you wouldn't care.
Tags: Sex, Dreams, Mania
Warnings: Depicts mania and implies a sexual relationship between me, at 24, and and someone else, at 17. Iffn ya'll care. That person exists. I don't think she'd mind being in this, but... names changed to protect the Innocent Sweetheart.

Suuchan? I... think I'm coming down... )
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I blame http://tigerbunny-db.livejournal.com/41783.html - he blames me.


You wanna play? Here are the rules. )

Haruhi Fujioka

Pilot - Rising Hero
From Ouran High School Host Club
Honest without realizing how honest she is, kind without realizing how kind she is, oblivious to how much she is loved and cherished (for many different values of loved), Haruhi (no, not THAT Haruhi) was the emotional center of the Host Club and would likewise be the heroic heart of a Bliss Stage game.

("I'm just doing what any decent person would do," Haruhi said.
Derek blinked. "Do you know how rare decent people are, post-Bliss?")

Age: 16. Taking her from her first appearance.

Ryouga Hibiki

Anchor - Comforting, or possibly Driven
From Ranma Nibun No Ichi 1/2
Always more than willing to help his unrequited love (in Akane)... and more than willing to bury his misgivings about his rival (in Ranma) if he feels or his love convinces him that it's in her best interest. Always there with a comforting word, with training, with re-assurances, Ryoga will sacrifice all of himself for his love... if you can't stop him from doing so.

And don't get him mad. Ever.

("I... I can't do it!" Sara wailed. "My... my rapier can't deflect it, I... I can't..."
Privately, Ryouga thought, FUCK Keenan and FUCK the Witty Rapier, but only for a second. He sighed, and with a crank of a dial, reinforced the signal. "You can do it, Sara," he said, only a little sadly. "I l... Keenan loves you, and I trust you.")

Age: Not given, but likely 15-16. From the beginning of his story arc.

Alexander Luthor

Authority Figure
From Justice League (Unlimited)
The aliens... interrupted his business, to be sure, but he wasn't exactly SURPRISED by the invasion, just... by the tactics involved. Lex was always a believer in the power of the human spirit, and rather suspicious of anything Other. He's broadminded enough when it comes to non-Americans - he is, after all, originally of African decent (at least the JL/U version), but he has ISSUES with things not Human. Not to mention a Crazy Prepared paranoid streak. When the Bliss hit, his reaction was "Ah, attack through fatigue and/or dreams. Solution; my stasis/rejeuvenation chamber." When he had an alien brain, his reaction, likewise, was "Perhaps my dream scanning equipment would work well with this." It's good to be the CEO.

Age: Middle aged. Prior to meeting Superman, as he doesn't exist in this setting.

Hanako Ikezawa

Supporting Staff
From Katawa Shoujo
Horribly burned in an alien attack (Noxious Smokes and Fiery Rays, doncha know) that took out what family she had left - an attack that, perversely, she blames herself for - poor Hanako has managed to convince herself that she is an ugly person and a victim of circumstance, that no one would ever love her, and so she quietly cooks, cleans, and sorts through files, her head held low.

She is mistaken, of course. She is beautiful, and kind, and good, and the burns on her face are nowhere near as ugly as the rest of the world, let alone the aliens. If you could bring her out of her shell, then any kindness you could show her - kindness she needs - she would reward you for a thousandfold.

Age: High School age, and apparently a sophomore in the Japanese system. 15-16 is my guess. Prior to meeting Hisao.
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"You may not all be aware of how the war started - although you are all bright lads, let me reassure you, and I know that young Kent already surmised what I am about to tell you - but it began when those green crystals began to grow on our planet.

Naturally, my corporation - my company, excuse me - decided to analyze the crystals. We were, after all, specialists in cutting edge technology of all kinds, and this unique new mineral had some intriguing properties.

Which saved me, and possibly the rest of us, because we had the first warning of what the Bliss was when an ENTIRE LexCorp high energy physics lab fell asleep on their feet. Someone ran a current through the damn things while they were in a liquid solution, and a wave of energy overwhelmed their minds.

You have all had parents Bliss. It's not a pretty sight, I must admit. But I took it in stride, and realized these crystals for what they were; an attack, and a subtle one, playing on the greed of humanity - greed I nearly succumbed to myself. So I was ready.

I had a stasis device, prepared for such an emergency... ah, yes, Wayne, I see by your expression you approve. And when the aliens landed after their alpha strike, I stole the parts I needed to counter-attack, with the help of some of you who are still here... and some that died or Blissed so that we would continue.

I realized that I could not use our weapon - the Numina Inverter - myself, as it required it's, ah, pilot to sleep; so I did my best to secure the aid of the... most worthy. The strongest child survivors, in body and mind and most of all in spirit.

Our first pilots were Bruce Wayne, Kyle Rayner, and Oliver Queen. Of them, Bruce is still fighting, Kyle has stepped down to advise and Anchor Stewart, and... Queen did what he had to for the rest of us. They were the first League.

The machine - the Numina Inversion Device - the ALIEN Numina Inversion Machine - translates you into the realm where the aliens are from, where they are more vulnerable to attack. By calling on the dream imagery you associate with those you love, you can fashion weaponry. Love is, literally, your weapon. And Trust - specifically trust in your Anchors, your navigators and often your lovers (oh, don't give me that look, Miss Anders, we ALL know how you feel about Dick even if you don't) is your armor.

Though even I was a little stunned to see Wayne, Rayner and Queen literally become superheroes - the Batman, the Green Lantern, and the Green Arrow.

This is how it stands. We are fighting a war for humanity.

Clark, you will be anchored by Lois. John, you will become the new Green Lantern as Rayner Anchors you. Wally, of the people in whom you've shown interest, Linda is the most level-headed. Coraline, you and Grayson will be paired. Diana - your rapport with Minnie is cause for her to Anchor.

You will become our superheroes.

Love is your weapon.
Trust is your armor.
And against these nightmares?
Alexander Luthor will. Not. Sleep."

Discuss. :D
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This is about the the necessity of war.
About the cost of survival.
About the desperation of sex.
About the pain of betrayal.
Why do you struggle?
You are choosing DEATH.
You are lost in DARKNESS.
BLISS is our gift!

"Yes, it is all that... but more importantly?
This is about the endurance of humanity.
About the courage of heroes.
About the power of love.
About hope for the future.
Against such Nightmares, I will not SLEEP!
Trust is their ARMOR -
LOVE is our weapon!"


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