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So, introducing a new character to Street Fighter 4 in the next expansion? Cool.

A villian? Also cool.

The first Korean character in a Street Fighter game?


...I don't have enough energy to be horrified by this, CAPCOM. Just disappointed at a Japanese game with a brutal, cruel bitch as the only Korean character in it.

Because god knows that Japan got the worst of the last war between Japan and Korea.
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Chessy asked me to write something about being a Bliss Stage Authority Figure. (Icon related).

So I thought about it, and here's what I wrote.

Write something in the Bliss Stage... universe is too strong; symbol set and situation?... about being the Authority, the last waking adult in the world, leading children and teenagers to war against literal Nightmares with love as their weapon. Then ask me to write a story, about whatever you want, and I will reciprocate.

Only What Is Freely Offered
Fandom: Bliss Stage
Pairings: LOLWHUT. Original characters, you wouldn't care.
Tags: Sex, Dreams, Mania
Warnings: Depicts mania and implies a sexual relationship between me, at 24, and and someone else, at 17. Iffn ya'll care. That person exists. I don't think she'd mind being in this, but... names changed to protect the Innocent Sweetheart.

Suuchan? I... think I'm coming down... )
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For the single-player storytelling game Hikkomori I'll be playing. She'll be female primarily so I can use the Goth Sara Smith icon for her.

Because not all of you care about dark, goofy Indie games )

And the first rolls...
Not that anyone cares about a pathetic hikkomori like Seichan ;_;  )

Which I will turn into this story.
Read here if you dare. )

...that came out better than I thought it would. Huh. Please read and comment on the story, kay?


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