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Strip Steak Bordelaise with Caramelized Onions

Roasted New Potatoes

Grilled Corn and Red Pepper Saute

Getting it all out on time and right is going to be a paaaain! But, fortunatley, I had the good sense to partner with a self-described "OCD cook."

Also, good morning, how are you all?

Met someone named Tien - fellow gamer and a cook in a Heat Dynamics class meeting in the room next to mine, and a gamer. He now has horrible plans involving destroying the Bliss Stage Final Act resistance with a devious totally innocent Sara Smith. I have created a monster.

Yes, I am obsessive.
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Going to post "The Legend of Zelda: The Eight Tribes of Hyrule" trailer tomorrow, because this computer hates me for some reason. Note that this isn't based directly on any one game, though it borrows most heavily from Ocarina of Time. Hence "woo beautiful monsters." Everyone is scaly for Rudo... (You may start groaning, alextfish.)

Got a Work Based Learning assignment this week at the Cooks Cafe, a sandwich shop on the outskirts of the island. Unpaid, but we can keep tips, which is nice - I've earned around 7.00 bucks in two days, not bad considering we get an average of 15 customers a day.
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Oh. My. Fucking. Foodie. God. (Who may or may not in fact be Anthony Bourdain of No Reservations fame.)

We got to taste our house-cured pork loin, and OH WOW SO DELICIOUS. Also cornbread dressing OH WOW EVEN BETTER THE APPLE REALLY DOES MAKE IT PLEASANTLY SWEET.

Hell, our notoriously hard to please teacher commented on our outdoing ourselves.


I'm quite proud of my profession today.


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