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You got your Alpha Centauri in my Starcraft!

Our next project is getting those two great games to play great together.

If that sounds like your cup of tea, read on. )

Please give detailed thoughts, comments, suggestions and critique on these ideas!
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I've applied for classes, though I may need to shuffle them around. Probably will take Spanish instead of Japanese if it's still available - it should have been my third choice (after ASL and Mandarin) for foreign language, and it was one of the few with an introductory course. Probably taking basic Computer Science as well - I love working with fiddly logic bits.

My culinary training is, in retrospect, awesome. A great deal of time was spent in France figuring out logical food science and procedures; because of that, I can improvise well with my training. I had flour, butter, chicken broth, onions and curry powder - and from that I could make a pretty good mild curry. Had couscous on the side, then my training suggested to me that if fried rice is good, that fried cous-cous might also be good. TL;DR: it was. If you ever have leftover cous-cous, make fried cous-cous. Your taste buds will thank you. At this point it's not enough to get me a job as a cook, of course, but it is enough for home economics and eating well for cheap.

I turned in an application for a job at a dollar store down the street, which was oddly satsifying. I have a fair crack at getting the job, too - I was a pretty good cashier back at Tacone some four years ago, and my brother's friend and my sort-of-friend Yessenia works there and is willing to recommend me. It's good to finally GET OHN WITH IT after spending six years as Hisao Nakai depressed and unable to act around my disabilites and mental illness.

My rewrites of the Bliss Stage VN scenes are good; the characters are a lot more gritty and earthy and pragmatic this go round without being any less cheerful, hopeful and idealistic. I especially like my Ruthless-If-Pressed version of Sara Smith and my Not An Asshole version of Keenan Caine this go round. Also, the VN's Joshua Preston is pretty much the opposite of a moron this go round. I'm really enjoying my dialog exercises with these guys - most of it's going in the VN.

And how are you?
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Here are the rest of my drabbles about the K*S girls, under the cuts.

Misha - Gotcha!

*Hiichan is extremely interesting,* Shiichan tells me )

Lilly - High Tea

I add sugar to my tea with a tap of metal on china. )

Hanako - Odd Victories

He's looking at my face, but not staring at my burn. That helps. )

Rin - Sunny, With A Chance Of Rain

My thoughts have always been like those big fluffy clouds that turn dark right before it rains. )

Emi - Slow and Steady

Don't yell at him, Emi. It's probably his heart. )

Also, if anyone would be interested in pre-reading some Lilly pr0n ER I MEAN PRACTICE WRITING FOR SENSES THAT ARE NOT SIGHT, CLEARLY then drop me a comment or PM me.

On the life note, I very much enjoyed my Labor Day; I had the first beer of my life that I truly enjoyed without reservations (apparently, I find ale too bitter, but find milder lagers very good), and shit was shot with anarch_cassius, Universal_Queen, Jasper, Kat and Jacob. Between us, we know enough art, music, writing, design and programming to be selling ashcan $9.00 CD-ROM games a con or two from now, and actual long-term game design projects in a coupla years.

I brought up Transformation Sequence, and they'd be happy to do the art and music for it, so I can FINALLY release the goddamn thing. I'll scan some shitty programmer art for it and put in some placeholder animu BGM, and give anarch_cassius the game. Right after I rename A CERTIAN HAWT REDHEAD so that she no longer has the name of a friend who has every right to GUT me for pulling that crap, and is instead now known as Cass. (To be fair, everyone in that game is a college friend of mine, boiled down to identifiable VN tropes, but naming A CERTIAN HAWT REDHEAD after her was fukkin' dumb, especially just coming out of my awkward stalky creep phase.)

I also brought up Bliss Stage: First Act (a Visual Novel programmed in Ren'Py), which they'd like to work on. Meaning that there are enough programmers that it'll take months, not millenia, to program all the fiddly bits and endings ranging from Josh ventilating Commander James Preston for gross incompetent, to a To Be Continued in Children of Children, to the bittersweet Bliss of Anna Lin, to murder by Keenan to actually having hawt sexxors with Sara and surviving to... I could go on, there are 20+ of the bloody endings, and that's not counting "Messy Death In Combat."

Long term, woo fantasy Metroidvania.

No class today; teacher's out sick. So I'm just going to be mellow in the computer lab. My reading is done, my homework does not exist, and life is good.

How are you?
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In beta.  Please critique.


Stakes: The goal of a character in any given scene.  What that character wants, expressed as a yes or no question ("Does the commander commit to a pincer attack?").  If an acting character wins at Social Combat, then the answer is yes: if the resisting character wins, the answer is no.

Conflict Resolution: Answering a Stakes question using the rules.  Compare to "task resolution," which is a single dice roll used as part of conflict resolution.

Composure (Skill, linked to Mind): The skill of resisting social pressure.  Used to defend against social attack.

Empathy (Skill, linked to Soul): The skill of understanding another persons emotions.  Used to gauge someone's energy point total and mental state.  By expending an action, on a succesful roll you receive information onhow close they are to agreeing with you, why, and thier energy point total ("He's suspicious, but inclined to agree with you anyway, and your last argument drove him deep into thought.  34 EP.")


Describe the acting character's action and the stakes of that action.  The GM and other players help to set those stakes, but the acting characters player gets final say.

In the middle of a raging battle, it's Faye's action.  Rachel, Faye's player, says: "Nightmare Rouser Faye screams, 'Alexander, this is cruel!  This is... this is pointless!  I love you, don't you realize that?'  She knows there's some good in him and thinks that her love can bring it out and end the fighting."

The GM Elliott says "Cool beans.  So, 'does he admit he loves you and lay down his arms?' as stakes?"

Rachel says  "Close, but needs more zing."

"How about his turning on the Foul Nightmares and fighting alongside us?" says Casey.  Rachel grins.

Elliott reiterates: "The stakes would then be, 'Does he fight alongside the Nightmare Rousers out of newfound love for Faye?' -correct me if I'm wrong."

Rachel nods.  "Yeah, that's right."


The target can elect to resist.  If the target does not resist, then the acting character gets the stakes (and the answer to the question posed by the stakes is therefore Yes).  If the target does resist, proceed to Step 3.

Nightmare Lord Alexander, played by the GM Elliott, will not admit his true feelings without one final battle of words and blades.  He will resist.


The acting character's player rolls Soul + Social Skill + Modifiers.

Rachel's character Nightmare Rouser Faye has 6 Soul, and 3 Seduction with no relevant specilizations.  She also has Attractive: Cute at 3, which the GM rules is relevant, adding another 3 to the roll.  That's a 12.  She rolls a 9, for a total of 21.


The resisting character rolls Mind + Composure + Modifiers.  If this roll is lower than the Social Attack roll, then the social attack succeeds: proceed to step 5.  Otherwise it fails. 

Alexander has 7 Mind and 4 Composure with the specialization: Cold-Hearted, for an additional +1.  He therefore adds 12.  He rolls 4, for a total of 16.  The social attack suceeds.


The resisting character whose social defense roll failed has a choice: accept the stakes or lose energy points equal to the margin of failure of his roll.

Alexander has only 11 energy points left after having shot Bolts Of Crackling Dark Energy™ all over the battlefeild during the course of the battle, so Elliott decides that Faye wins this one, and therefore Alex will 'fight alongside the Nightmare Rousers out of newfound love for Faye.'   "Alexander draws his screaming black blade," Elliott says, "and lunges right at you - alongside you to peirce a shadowy Nightmare in the heart, or try to."

But if he had spent the energy, then he probably would have made a social attack of his own.  "Alexander draws his screaming black blade," Elliott might have said, "and, sneering, says 'prepare to have your heart broken then, o my enemy, o Nightmare Rouser.'  What's at stake is, do you flee the feild of battle?"

- - - - -

What do y'all think?


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