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So. Back from the dead.

The really important news is twofold: I'm romantically involved now, with the lovely Ashley, and the Bliss Stage fanwork that I've been working on, Bliss Stage: Love Is Our Weapon just got funded at Kickstarter to the tune of $2700.00 - Two thousand, four hundred and some-odd after Amazon and KS get their take, not bad at all.

I went to Fanime this year for both reasons. She has a sense of humor, is mature beyond her years, and is amazingly affectionate. I'm pretty sure I love her. I actually met her through Bliss Stage: she was one of our artists for... two? Years and only just fessed up that she enjoyed flirting with me in the last couple of months. I also went with our mutual friend and sometimes also lover Sean, who was a loveable goof.

No major purchases, but we met a wonderful Yukari cosplayer who drew the first non-commissioned Bliss Stage fanart in the history of the game. Of Sara, natch. I predict that our character design of Sara hildegarde Smith will make Sara quite poplar.

Two months and 2.4K later we're doing a major crunch to get something presentable out in 60 days. I'll admit that I didn't expect quite that much support: it's almost half again what we asked for. Good news, I guess. Among other things we're looking for (SF bay area, particularly the East Bay) locals to voice act. We can't pay in money, but we can pay in food, which I'm okay with considering that most of the cash is going STRAIGHT into equipment ANYWAY. Student film ethics apply.

Tried signing up for summer classes, but I fucked up and did it too late. I did sign up for business, Sign Language, and screenwriting classes at BCC in the fall.

Oh, and one last thing: Every game Vincent Baker of Lumpley Games has ever made is amazing. You owe it to yourself to at least sit in on a game of Dogs in the Vineyard, Apocalypse World, or Poison'd. If wargames are more your thing and/or you have a bunch of Legos or Lego byproducts sitting around unused, try Mechaton.


Jul. 20th, 2008 09:17 pm
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Okay. Just went to a staff meeting for conXtreme, a convention in San Mateo that I'm the Tabletop Head of.


It's meant to help aspiring creators learn the ropes. Not to say it doesn't have it's share of silly (the Smexy Cosplay Competition comes to mind - finally, an excuse to drag out that Omaha The Cat Dancer costume!) but it's for creators.

Ben, Levi - IPR NEEDS to have a table there, both to sell games and so the Story Game wonks and gurus can hold events and workshops.. How should I contact them?
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For great silly, and to remind Ben Lehman that I still want feedback. Four months of silence, Ben. NOT COOL.

...I understand you're busy, but still, you could have at least shot off another "I'm busy." Grr. No harm done.

So, under the cut, one of every card type.

Bliss Stage copyright 2007 Ben Lehman. BS:TCG copyright 2008 Elliott Belser.

Everybody in the car and come on, let's ride. )


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