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Oct. 14th, 2008 09:10 pm
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College is going well.

Saving money for a trip to see Ara-chan, yay.

Bliss Stage TCG playtests ho.

Life is good.
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Because the game is over. And it was awesome.

This should be good for a laugh. )

To be continued after I get kicked out.
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...I'm going to complete Basic Culinary next week, barring accidents: I'll take the Serv-Safe safe food handler certification next a few weeks afterwards.

This means that the Corps will help me attend community college on thier dime, and give me $1200 when I decide to leave.

Ho. Lee. SHIT.
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Goddamn it, I REALLY need to update this more often.

I'm just going to start off by warning you, right now, that my dad has discovered livejournal (er, no offense, tomelwhite.livejournal.com). If he hasn't friended me yet, he will soon.

Life's okay. I've been amusing myself here in purgatory the Job Corps Center.

yami_no_eyes and xelvinas are tying the knot. (Possibly quite literally, given thier religious inclinations.) There is not enough squee in the world to express my feelings about this properly.

Speaking of Squee...

I've mostly been amusing myself by learning the ins and outs of Ren'Py, a visual novel and ren'ai computer game engine. (The english translation of that phrase is probably 'Electronic Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book, usually with romantic overtones.') Which means as a consequence that I've learned a bit of the Python programming language.

Ren'Py is awesome. It's extremely powerful and flexible, and I was churning out code with ease. You can get it at www.renpy.net, and a metric assload of amateur visual novels at www.lemmasoft.org.

They have some damn good games there. )

So where am I going with all this? I wrote one myself, that's where. Also on the Lemmasoft forums - http://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=3791. It's called Transformation Sequence... and I can already see lichifruit and daemontellama's eyebrows raise.

Yup. It's THAT old saw I was kicking around a couple of years ago.

You are Talia Andrew Black, born Timothy Andrew Black. You're just starting to come out as a transgender girl at college (which is not explicitly but may as well be UC Santa Cruz.) You have a crush on your friend Ethan Sinclair. You are attempting to do something about it with the help of the only friend you've come out to, Isabel (please don't kill me for that name and giving her some of your speech patterns, dae ^_^;) Grist.

There are pictures of the cast by the amazingly talented Deji at this link to it's ToothyWiki page: http://www.toothycat.net/wiki/wiki.pl?TransformationSequence

I'd post it here but the proxy settings at Job Corps don't allow me to upload images. The new icon is her picture of Talia as Talia.

Wait a minute... that guy looks familiar... )

Seven endings, none bad, some better, including a True Ending. None of them pornographic (I STUDIOUSLY avoid discussion of the ...mechanics of Talia being physically affectionate). Most of them squee inducing... if I did my job right.

Would any of you mind talking a look? I especially want lichifruit and daemontellama's opinion on this, but any critique I can get is going to help me. I eventually want to make a slick professional version of this and sell it at cons or somesuch.

Belser out.


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