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So. Back from the dead.

The really important news is twofold: I'm romantically involved now, with the lovely Ashley, and the Bliss Stage fanwork that I've been working on, Bliss Stage: Love Is Our Weapon just got funded at Kickstarter to the tune of $2700.00 - Two thousand, four hundred and some-odd after Amazon and KS get their take, not bad at all.

I went to Fanime this year for both reasons. She has a sense of humor, is mature beyond her years, and is amazingly affectionate. I'm pretty sure I love her. I actually met her through Bliss Stage: she was one of our artists for... two? Years and only just fessed up that she enjoyed flirting with me in the last couple of months. I also went with our mutual friend and sometimes also lover Sean, who was a loveable goof.

No major purchases, but we met a wonderful Yukari cosplayer who drew the first non-commissioned Bliss Stage fanart in the history of the game. Of Sara, natch. I predict that our character design of Sara hildegarde Smith will make Sara quite poplar.

Two months and 2.4K later we're doing a major crunch to get something presentable out in 60 days. I'll admit that I didn't expect quite that much support: it's almost half again what we asked for. Good news, I guess. Among other things we're looking for (SF bay area, particularly the East Bay) locals to voice act. We can't pay in money, but we can pay in food, which I'm okay with considering that most of the cash is going STRAIGHT into equipment ANYWAY. Student film ethics apply.

Tried signing up for summer classes, but I fucked up and did it too late. I did sign up for business, Sign Language, and screenwriting classes at BCC in the fall.

Oh, and one last thing: Every game Vincent Baker of Lumpley Games has ever made is amazing. You owe it to yourself to at least sit in on a game of Dogs in the Vineyard, Apocalypse World, or Poison'd. If wargames are more your thing and/or you have a bunch of Legos or Lego byproducts sitting around unused, try Mechaton.
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Although in my case it's less for pleasure than for Serious Fucking Business.

The demo of Bliss Stage: Love Is Your Weapon will be out by then, if all goes exactly as according to keihaku. And there will be posters to sell, and the gayest Bliss Stage oneshot EVER.

Other than that, I'm doing well: school continues apace, I have a place to live during construction on the house, and I'm getting the services I need to function.

When your worst problem is trouble wrangling people for a game, you've got it good.
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Here are the rest of my drabbles about the K*S girls, under the cuts.

Misha - Gotcha!

*Hiichan is extremely interesting,* Shiichan tells me )

Lilly - High Tea

I add sugar to my tea with a tap of metal on china. )

Hanako - Odd Victories

He's looking at my face, but not staring at my burn. That helps. )

Rin - Sunny, With A Chance Of Rain

My thoughts have always been like those big fluffy clouds that turn dark right before it rains. )

Emi - Slow and Steady

Don't yell at him, Emi. It's probably his heart. )

Also, if anyone would be interested in pre-reading some Lilly pr0n ER I MEAN PRACTICE WRITING FOR SENSES THAT ARE NOT SIGHT, CLEARLY then drop me a comment or PM me.

On the life note, I very much enjoyed my Labor Day; I had the first beer of my life that I truly enjoyed without reservations (apparently, I find ale too bitter, but find milder lagers very good), and shit was shot with anarch_cassius, Universal_Queen, Jasper, Kat and Jacob. Between us, we know enough art, music, writing, design and programming to be selling ashcan $9.00 CD-ROM games a con or two from now, and actual long-term game design projects in a coupla years.

I brought up Transformation Sequence, and they'd be happy to do the art and music for it, so I can FINALLY release the goddamn thing. I'll scan some shitty programmer art for it and put in some placeholder animu BGM, and give anarch_cassius the game. Right after I rename A CERTIAN HAWT REDHEAD so that she no longer has the name of a friend who has every right to GUT me for pulling that crap, and is instead now known as Cass. (To be fair, everyone in that game is a college friend of mine, boiled down to identifiable VN tropes, but naming A CERTIAN HAWT REDHEAD after her was fukkin' dumb, especially just coming out of my awkward stalky creep phase.)

I also brought up Bliss Stage: First Act (a Visual Novel programmed in Ren'Py), which they'd like to work on. Meaning that there are enough programmers that it'll take months, not millenia, to program all the fiddly bits and endings ranging from Josh ventilating Commander James Preston for gross incompetent, to a To Be Continued in Children of Children, to the bittersweet Bliss of Anna Lin, to murder by Keenan to actually having hawt sexxors with Sara and surviving to... I could go on, there are 20+ of the bloody endings, and that's not counting "Messy Death In Combat."

Long term, woo fantasy Metroidvania.

No class today; teacher's out sick. So I'm just going to be mellow in the computer lab. My reading is done, my homework does not exist, and life is good.

How are you?
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Well, crap. I just discovered a wealth of indie PC games that rock on toast, as they say round these parts. All of which are various flavors of platformer, I just realized...

Cave Story, well, duh. Sorry I'm late to the party on this, but it's a Metroidvania (open world platformer/adventure, areas are only restricted by whether or not you have like a rocket pack or something) with an excellent story, plus a weapon that shoots ducks if you make the mistake of upgrading it.

Iji - the creator of Iji described it as "System Shock 2, if System Shock was a sidescroller." It has one of the most compelling, disturbing stories I've ever seen, the most compelling female avatar since Metroid, and a morality system that doesn't suck. Aliens called the Tasen have invaded the earth: as Iji, one of the few human survivors now enhanced with cybernetics, you have to get them the Hell off your planet. The trouble is? The Tasen have their own problems... beat the game by blasting everything in sight. Then do it without killing anything but the bosses.

With a name like The Mighty Jill-Off, you can bet it's NSFW )

I recommend any or all of these games. Warning: time consuming.
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Strip Steak Bordelaise with Caramelized Onions

Roasted New Potatoes

Grilled Corn and Red Pepper Saute

Getting it all out on time and right is going to be a paaaain! But, fortunatley, I had the good sense to partner with a self-described "OCD cook."

Also, good morning, how are you all?

Met someone named Tien - fellow gamer and a cook in a Heat Dynamics class meeting in the room next to mine, and a gamer. He now has horrible plans involving destroying the Bliss Stage Final Act resistance with a devious totally innocent Sara Smith. I have created a monster.

Yes, I am obsessive.

Big update

Sep. 2nd, 2008 08:00 pm
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Getting into the swing of college. Typography homework is on ancient languages and early phonographs: I'm also doing some work on the final Quark project, a newsletter.

I really do like typography homework - I'm geeky enough to look at the Courier of the text I'm typing right now and mentally go "Square-serif, light, medium x-height ratio, medium m-length, kerning such that the characters are equidistant and it doesn't look off."

Also, I seem to have an irrational love of geometric sans-serif typefaces, like Bauhaus and the Myriad family. Maybe it's because I watch / read / game sci-fi so often.

I could post a Why I Play Bliss Stage entry, easily, but, well - every single interlude resulting from this week's game counts.

Why I Play Bliss Stage, In Conclusion. )

No other game I've played has ever consistently moved me to tears. It is a game designed to inspire roleplay of terrible and beautiful poetry.

And, Ben, please feel free to put that on the back cover of Ascent Stage, and attribute it to Elliott Belser.


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