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Afternoon to y'all.

Spent the morning working on the house - living in a house my parents are renovating, and they removed the chimney, so I'm stacking bricks. Good workout, actually; I lost an inch doing it. 57'' is a horrible waistline size, but it beats the hell out of 58'': 56 and no or bust next week, here's hoping.

Applying for some jobs! Going to the farmer's market with a stack of resumes this weekend, hoping to snag a job as a cook for a prepackaged food company or as a farmhand. Wish me luck, guys.

Last weekend, spent some time with [livejournal.com profile] universal_queen, Feyna, Henry and Ben - Bliss Stage game, plus shit-shooting and dinner. Made spaghetti with pesto cream sauce - always a winner - and fried some fish, which... didn't work as well. Next time, Elli, deep fry: don't half-ass it.

And speaking of Bliss Stage - those just tuning in, I've been tapped for a fan-project, a Visual Novel for PC's (and Macs, come to that). I mentioned that I might want to post some Interludes from same, and...

Well, I still do, but I'd like to structure it as if it were a rough play-through of the game. Not at this site: I'd like it to be a little more... uh... secure. But at another site.

If you'd be interested in being part of this... shall we call it a Let's Write? Then post here, and I'll invite you to the site.
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I was, thanks be to God, able to talk to one of the people with the luxury of being human at Financial Aid, and found I am missing ONE easily secured document, which I will be able to get in a week - next week, tops.

Applied for a couple of QA jobs at Sony of America's software division... bug testers. Long hours, thankless, unglamorous work trying to map all possible variables (91 as opposed to 90 potions in inventory, fighting a Cactuar) and see if THAT one will crash Final Fantasy Whatever. Still, I think I'd be very good at it.

Also applying to the UPS Store, and volunteering again at Bay Area Alternative Press.

How was your day?


Oct. 12th, 2009 10:57 am
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Applied for a QA position at Sony Entertainment of America, because I'd love to see if FF13 crashes when I have not 98 but 99 potions in my inventory when fighting a Cactuar because I need the money and would be good at it.

Yay jobhunting [/snark].
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First off: Life.

Just sent an e-mail to Ms. Rapaport, my old career counselor at Job Corps, asking for a little help getting documentation about how fucked up I was at Job Corps. Also, help getting an office job somewhere in the Culinary field. You know, running inventory at a supermarket, or editing a cooking magazine, things like that. Where my erudition on things Food is an asset, and my being a nerd is an asset.

Cooking for myself is fun, and I'm getting adept at learning how to turn convenience foods canned and boxed stuff (sorry for the CulJob jargon) into actual food. It's amazing how delicious Progresso Chicken and Rotini can taste if you saute carrots and onions in a ban with olive oil, salt and herbs, THEN add the contents of that can and a bay leaf. Extra bonus flavor for adding ham to the saute.

Had a lot of fun at Board Game Night at Eudemonia, a card shop intarwebs cafe game store on the east side of Shattuck and University. They hold one every Thursday, and I played a couple of hands of Magic:TG. ...And won, to my surprise. The fact that I was playing Xelvinas' horrifically good White resurrection deck (I like playing "survive until you can destroy the lynchpins of their strategy") in a multiplayer game, but I never really grokked card games until recently I started getting into L5R and The Spoils. I hear the latter is making a comeback, too, now that they've dumped the hardcore angle and made it a casual, non-collectible, stand-alone game.

Which brings me to Bliss Stage - Bliss Stage: Strategic Stage, my now semi-official card game, in particular. Not that y'all care. )

Also, As soon as I saw my new icon I needed it. So hard. "I love you, but You people are all idiots!"

Ruri is THE Savvy Anchor. Get moar icons like these from Tigerbunny at http://www.flickr.com/photos/rathekis/sets/72157622352145040/.

The computer game continues ahead of schedule.

Life is good on my end.

How about you?


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