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Although in my case it's less for pleasure than for Serious Fucking Business.

The demo of Bliss Stage: Love Is Your Weapon will be out by then, if all goes exactly as according to keihaku. And there will be posters to sell, and the gayest Bliss Stage oneshot EVER.

Other than that, I'm doing well: school continues apace, I have a place to live during construction on the house, and I'm getting the services I need to function.

When your worst problem is trouble wrangling people for a game, you've got it good.
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Life happens.

I'm re-enrolling in classes, taking out a student loan - this is pretty much the best way to ensure that I have money and regular computer access at this point, and in the future. That combined with continuing to look for clerical and data entry work.

Taking creative writing classes on the grounds that it will force me to do creative writing, at least 1/3 of which will not be Bliss Stage related.

Speaking of which, the VN chugs along. I am hoping we can get something out in time for Anime Conji in April (http://www.animeconji.org/), because I'm holding some games there (http://www.animeconji.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=37). Including but not limited to the infamous Katawa Stage; I'm rewriting it to be less LULZ DATING SIM INJOKES (specifically, I'm making Hisao a Rising Hero with an actual codified stat block, rather than the stupid trick where he's a Devoted Lover with a 5/3 to be assigned); AstraKiseki rightly pointed out that "no one cares."

On a related note, I really need to get some Bliss Stage cosplay going for that. Planning on going as VN!Josh Preston, Kenji, and/or (Gurren Lagaan's) Viral, Marketing. Should be fun.

I can also probably hold Bliss Stage games online for people; in fact I intend to.
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Balls of Fury.

No. Really.

It's a fairly enjoyable sendup of good/bad martial arts films, of all things. You laugh more often in recognition then because of absurdity, which is always a good sign.

For instance, the hero, Randy Daytona, has to face "The Dragon" in (this being Balls of Fury) a ping pong match. (Held illegally for money.) Across the table from him is a Bruce Lee type with dragon tattoos.

Bruce Lee dude isn't "The Dragon."

A nine year old Chinese girl with ponytails is.

If you've ever seen ping-pong played seriously, then you will laugh in recognition of the truth.

So... it's a good movie. Not for everyone, but it's essentially more true in it's humor than false, which is a good thing.


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