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First, I need to give some context here.

Y'all heard of EVONY? A rather mundane resource-management game? The one that had the hilariously sexist cheesecake ads ("Come play with me, my lord") that bore no actual relation to the gameplay?

Altiel is an interesting online CCG that I never really got into, but was pretty fun.

Altiel's current ad campaign is of a smirking, fully clothed female fencer, and the copy "She's actually in this game, my lord."

And suddenly I am interested in Altiel again. >:3

PS: She's quite a useful offensive unit in game, too.
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Life happens.

I'm re-enrolling in classes, taking out a student loan - this is pretty much the best way to ensure that I have money and regular computer access at this point, and in the future. That combined with continuing to look for clerical and data entry work.

Taking creative writing classes on the grounds that it will force me to do creative writing, at least 1/3 of which will not be Bliss Stage related.

Speaking of which, the VN chugs along. I am hoping we can get something out in time for Anime Conji in April (http://www.animeconji.org/), because I'm holding some games there (http://www.animeconji.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=37). Including but not limited to the infamous Katawa Stage; I'm rewriting it to be less LULZ DATING SIM INJOKES (specifically, I'm making Hisao a Rising Hero with an actual codified stat block, rather than the stupid trick where he's a Devoted Lover with a 5/3 to be assigned); AstraKiseki rightly pointed out that "no one cares."

On a related note, I really need to get some Bliss Stage cosplay going for that. Planning on going as VN!Josh Preston, Kenji, and/or (Gurren Lagaan's) Viral, Marketing. Should be fun.

I can also probably hold Bliss Stage games online for people; in fact I intend to.
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Is awesome.

Especially if you know what the words 'Remote Viewing' mean.

...Yeah. It's about that. It's based on a true story about army experiments in Remote Viewing.

Run by a hippie.

Did I mention it's awesome and you should go see it?

Thanks, UniversalQueen.
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As Hogwarts Hocus is now going to be home to an ANIMa corps, I don't think I should sockpuppet her. Already Keenan, and already a Pilot, you know?


Post if you got the time and the resolve.
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It's up at http://www.loveismyweapon.com - and it is crack.

Next week... well, have this excerpt.

lol SMAC whut )

Mother Ship: We have Mission sign at 1:30 PST.
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I blame http://tigerbunny-db.livejournal.com/41783.html - he blames me.


You wanna play? Here are the rules. )

Haruhi Fujioka

Pilot - Rising Hero
From Ouran High School Host Club
Honest without realizing how honest she is, kind without realizing how kind she is, oblivious to how much she is loved and cherished (for many different values of loved), Haruhi (no, not THAT Haruhi) was the emotional center of the Host Club and would likewise be the heroic heart of a Bliss Stage game.

("I'm just doing what any decent person would do," Haruhi said.
Derek blinked. "Do you know how rare decent people are, post-Bliss?")

Age: 16. Taking her from her first appearance.

Ryouga Hibiki

Anchor - Comforting, or possibly Driven
From Ranma Nibun No Ichi 1/2
Always more than willing to help his unrequited love (in Akane)... and more than willing to bury his misgivings about his rival (in Ranma) if he feels or his love convinces him that it's in her best interest. Always there with a comforting word, with training, with re-assurances, Ryoga will sacrifice all of himself for his love... if you can't stop him from doing so.

And don't get him mad. Ever.

("I... I can't do it!" Sara wailed. "My... my rapier can't deflect it, I... I can't..."
Privately, Ryouga thought, FUCK Keenan and FUCK the Witty Rapier, but only for a second. He sighed, and with a crank of a dial, reinforced the signal. "You can do it, Sara," he said, only a little sadly. "I l... Keenan loves you, and I trust you.")

Age: Not given, but likely 15-16. From the beginning of his story arc.

Alexander Luthor

Authority Figure
From Justice League (Unlimited)
The aliens... interrupted his business, to be sure, but he wasn't exactly SURPRISED by the invasion, just... by the tactics involved. Lex was always a believer in the power of the human spirit, and rather suspicious of anything Other. He's broadminded enough when it comes to non-Americans - he is, after all, originally of African decent (at least the JL/U version), but he has ISSUES with things not Human. Not to mention a Crazy Prepared paranoid streak. When the Bliss hit, his reaction was "Ah, attack through fatigue and/or dreams. Solution; my stasis/rejeuvenation chamber." When he had an alien brain, his reaction, likewise, was "Perhaps my dream scanning equipment would work well with this." It's good to be the CEO.

Age: Middle aged. Prior to meeting Superman, as he doesn't exist in this setting.

Hanako Ikezawa

Supporting Staff
From Katawa Shoujo
Horribly burned in an alien attack (Noxious Smokes and Fiery Rays, doncha know) that took out what family she had left - an attack that, perversely, she blames herself for - poor Hanako has managed to convince herself that she is an ugly person and a victim of circumstance, that no one would ever love her, and so she quietly cooks, cleans, and sorts through files, her head held low.

She is mistaken, of course. She is beautiful, and kind, and good, and the burns on her face are nowhere near as ugly as the rest of the world, let alone the aliens. If you could bring her out of her shell, then any kindness you could show her - kindness she needs - she would reward you for a thousandfold.

Age: High School age, and apparently a sophomore in the Japanese system. 15-16 is my guess. Prior to meeting Hisao.


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