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Here are the rest of my drabbles about the K*S girls, under the cuts.

Misha - Gotcha!

*Hiichan is extremely interesting,* Shiichan tells me )

Lilly - High Tea

I add sugar to my tea with a tap of metal on china. )

Hanako - Odd Victories

He's looking at my face, but not staring at my burn. That helps. )

Rin - Sunny, With A Chance Of Rain

My thoughts have always been like those big fluffy clouds that turn dark right before it rains. )

Emi - Slow and Steady

Don't yell at him, Emi. It's probably his heart. )

Also, if anyone would be interested in pre-reading some Lilly pr0n ER I MEAN PRACTICE WRITING FOR SENSES THAT ARE NOT SIGHT, CLEARLY then drop me a comment or PM me.

On the life note, I very much enjoyed my Labor Day; I had the first beer of my life that I truly enjoyed without reservations (apparently, I find ale too bitter, but find milder lagers very good), and shit was shot with anarch_cassius, Universal_Queen, Jasper, Kat and Jacob. Between us, we know enough art, music, writing, design and programming to be selling ashcan $9.00 CD-ROM games a con or two from now, and actual long-term game design projects in a coupla years.

I brought up Transformation Sequence, and they'd be happy to do the art and music for it, so I can FINALLY release the goddamn thing. I'll scan some shitty programmer art for it and put in some placeholder animu BGM, and give anarch_cassius the game. Right after I rename A CERTIAN HAWT REDHEAD so that she no longer has the name of a friend who has every right to GUT me for pulling that crap, and is instead now known as Cass. (To be fair, everyone in that game is a college friend of mine, boiled down to identifiable VN tropes, but naming A CERTIAN HAWT REDHEAD after her was fukkin' dumb, especially just coming out of my awkward stalky creep phase.)

I also brought up Bliss Stage: First Act (a Visual Novel programmed in Ren'Py), which they'd like to work on. Meaning that there are enough programmers that it'll take months, not millenia, to program all the fiddly bits and endings ranging from Josh ventilating Commander James Preston for gross incompetent, to a To Be Continued in Children of Children, to the bittersweet Bliss of Anna Lin, to murder by Keenan to actually having hawt sexxors with Sara and surviving to... I could go on, there are 20+ of the bloody endings, and that's not counting "Messy Death In Combat."

Long term, woo fantasy Metroidvania.

No class today; teacher's out sick. So I'm just going to be mellow in the computer lab. My reading is done, my homework does not exist, and life is good.

How are you?
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Note. My comments are silly.

I'm practicing sprite-work with Pixen. Now that I've figured out how to actually make them big enough to be useful, here they are. I would much appreciate your harshest critique.

Sprites, Sprites, and more sprites! )
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Made in Pixen, which I would like more if it didn't make my obsolete computer explode so often.

This looks much better at 200% to 400%.

It's the Bliss Stage signature characters, of course. Then again, with a game as relentlessly anti-canonical as Bliss Stage I'm not sure that "signature characters" is the right phrase. Or indeed that the pictures of the Eager Young Soldier et al are actually Josh, Keenan and Anna.

...the Innocent Sweetheart pic is Sara Smith, period. Though she's not Brianna Smith or Meilin Smith (I've seen both variants, presumably for the same reason I randomly had black!Sara in the Job Corps games).

I like Josh's cammo and Sara's uncharacteristically skeptical expression.

Any constructive criticism besides Jesus Christ Make That Picture Bigger?

Also, downloaded RPG maker XP. Anyone with experience with that have advice or tutorials I could use?
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Or possibly because I'm the Habbalah of Fandom.

Beleth is the Demon Princess of Nightmares. Repeat, she has dominion over nightmares.

The Bliss is an attack conducted through Dreams.

Blandine in the Archangel of Dreams.

I would not put the ANIMa past Jean, Archangel of Lightning.


I live.

Oct. 14th, 2008 09:10 pm
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College is going well.

Saving money for a trip to see Ara-chan, yay.

Bliss Stage TCG playtests ho.

Life is good.
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...okay. Screw you for putting this horrible, wonderful gameseed into my brain, Vitenka. Screw you very much. :D

Do not believe what your dreams tell you... )

Either Swan is Ariana's Anchor or vice versa. MUST RUN DAMMIT.
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Not a direct literal translation: it's meant to be sung to the original melody, so I had to take liberties.

Read more... )
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Opening theme song: It's Not My Time - 3 Doors Down - used without permission, with no intent to challenge their copyright. )

Why, YES. I did draw that.

The game begun today. SO stoked.
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I'm going to be doing some K*S drabbles, one for each of the girls.

...yes, including Misha. There will be no "Isn't it sad, Misha?" on my part.

First one is below the cut.

Crossposted to the Katawa_Shoujo comm.

Fandom: Katawa Shoujo
Tags/Warnings: ASL, Drabble, Shisao, WAFF, gratuitous chess terminology.
Timeline: Takes place after the Shizune path in Act 1, not that this is important to the plot.
Notes: I am fully aware that Shizune converses in Japanese Sign Language; I don't know written or spoken Japanese worth a damn, much less signed Japanese. I do, however, know a little ASL, and where to learn more. Consider her to be conversing in JSL, dubbed into ASL. If that makes sense.

Exactly As Planned )


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