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Comment with the name of a female character and I'll tell you why I love her. In return, you can do the same in your journal.

Also, this is what this icon was MADE for.
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Mentlegen. You can haz mind virus.

Here's how it works.

Stat your current Bliss, Trauma, and relationships to four people on your friends-list in terms of Intimacy, Trust and Stress, in Bliss Stage game terms.

Then ask those people to do the same.

Note - I will not be held responsible for the fallout when you reveal an Intimacy 5 ('we had sex to get closer') relationship to someone who doesn't want that to be public knowledge. Pick who you're statting accordingly.

Bliss: 45
Trauma: 1

Alextfish: 3/3. (Ask me about the great ChiarkPerson Bliss Stage Flame War sometime! TL;DR he defended my position and helped me calm down.)

BenLehman: 2/5. (As near as I can tell. He made me think a game called Hot Guys Making Out would be worth playing. Protip: It is.)

BlackBlueSock: 3/2. (That one Trust Break was a bitch, but our apologies was made. Yay game-naive Bliss Stage players who pwn their first game.)

Tigerbunny: 3/3-2. (Passionate arguments about the characterization of VN characters. Still working on finding that copy of Ze Contract. Might have been buried in the Great Room Clean-Up. Sorry...)
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Chessy asked me to write something about being a Bliss Stage Authority Figure. (Icon related).

So I thought about it, and here's what I wrote.

Write something in the Bliss Stage... universe is too strong; symbol set and situation?... about being the Authority, the last waking adult in the world, leading children and teenagers to war against literal Nightmares with love as their weapon. Then ask me to write a story, about whatever you want, and I will reciprocate.

Only What Is Freely Offered
Fandom: Bliss Stage
Pairings: LOLWHUT. Original characters, you wouldn't care.
Tags: Sex, Dreams, Mania
Warnings: Depicts mania and implies a sexual relationship between me, at 24, and and someone else, at 17. Iffn ya'll care. That person exists. I don't think she'd mind being in this, but... names changed to protect the Innocent Sweetheart.

Suuchan? I... think I'm coming down... )
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I blame http://tigerbunny-db.livejournal.com/41783.html - he blames me.


You wanna play? Here are the rules. )

Haruhi Fujioka

Pilot - Rising Hero
From Ouran High School Host Club
Honest without realizing how honest she is, kind without realizing how kind she is, oblivious to how much she is loved and cherished (for many different values of loved), Haruhi (no, not THAT Haruhi) was the emotional center of the Host Club and would likewise be the heroic heart of a Bliss Stage game.

("I'm just doing what any decent person would do," Haruhi said.
Derek blinked. "Do you know how rare decent people are, post-Bliss?")

Age: 16. Taking her from her first appearance.

Ryouga Hibiki

Anchor - Comforting, or possibly Driven
From Ranma Nibun No Ichi 1/2
Always more than willing to help his unrequited love (in Akane)... and more than willing to bury his misgivings about his rival (in Ranma) if he feels or his love convinces him that it's in her best interest. Always there with a comforting word, with training, with re-assurances, Ryoga will sacrifice all of himself for his love... if you can't stop him from doing so.

And don't get him mad. Ever.

("I... I can't do it!" Sara wailed. "My... my rapier can't deflect it, I... I can't..."
Privately, Ryouga thought, FUCK Keenan and FUCK the Witty Rapier, but only for a second. He sighed, and with a crank of a dial, reinforced the signal. "You can do it, Sara," he said, only a little sadly. "I l... Keenan loves you, and I trust you.")

Age: Not given, but likely 15-16. From the beginning of his story arc.

Alexander Luthor

Authority Figure
From Justice League (Unlimited)
The aliens... interrupted his business, to be sure, but he wasn't exactly SURPRISED by the invasion, just... by the tactics involved. Lex was always a believer in the power of the human spirit, and rather suspicious of anything Other. He's broadminded enough when it comes to non-Americans - he is, after all, originally of African decent (at least the JL/U version), but he has ISSUES with things not Human. Not to mention a Crazy Prepared paranoid streak. When the Bliss hit, his reaction was "Ah, attack through fatigue and/or dreams. Solution; my stasis/rejeuvenation chamber." When he had an alien brain, his reaction, likewise, was "Perhaps my dream scanning equipment would work well with this." It's good to be the CEO.

Age: Middle aged. Prior to meeting Superman, as he doesn't exist in this setting.

Hanako Ikezawa

Supporting Staff
From Katawa Shoujo
Horribly burned in an alien attack (Noxious Smokes and Fiery Rays, doncha know) that took out what family she had left - an attack that, perversely, she blames herself for - poor Hanako has managed to convince herself that she is an ugly person and a victim of circumstance, that no one would ever love her, and so she quietly cooks, cleans, and sorts through files, her head held low.

She is mistaken, of course. She is beautiful, and kind, and good, and the burns on her face are nowhere near as ugly as the rest of the world, let alone the aliens. If you could bring her out of her shell, then any kindness you could show her - kindness she needs - she would reward you for a thousandfold.

Age: High School age, and apparently a sophomore in the Japanese system. 15-16 is my guess. Prior to meeting Hisao.
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Answer this koan, and give an explanation and example. Try to answer as seriously as you can. Then ask me a koan.

If a tree falls in the forest, and no-one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?
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And not just on the Blarganets.

Courtesy of Ryuutchi.

Give me a character and I'll give you:

(a) three facts about them from my personal canon/fanon
(b) a reason he/she sucks
(c) a reason he/she is awesomecakes
(d) five things that never happened to that character and/or
(e) five people that character never fell in love with and why.
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Inspired by the thread on Mr. Welch.

Crossposted to Story Games.

1: I am no longer allowed to use "Hey, baby, wanna upgrade my mech?" as a pick-up line in Bliss Stage.

2: I am not allowed to play the following characters in Bliss Stage: Kamina, Simon the Digger, Yoko, Gai Daigoji, or any character from Gundam Wing.

3: My ANIMa's primary weapon is not the Shining Finger.

4: Especially if the Shining Finger is a manifestion of my hatred for the Authority Figure.

5: ...And is delivered with the middle finger.

6: Dogs in the Vineyard is not an appropriate system for running a Sailor Moon game.

7: Neither is Bliss Stage.

8: I am not to describe Dogs in the Vineyard as "The Mighty Mormon Power Rangers" to any potential recruits.

9: I am never again to have the Authority Figure in a Bliss Stage game scream, "RESPECT MAH AUTHORITAH!"

10: Just because he has less than 5 Intimacy with his Anchor does not mean that Keenan Caine got her pregnant by kissing her.

11: "Fribblefrabble" is not currently part of GNS jargon, and I am no longer allowed to imply that it is.

12: When the Mountian Folk woman tries to seduce me when I am pumping her for info, I am not allowed to fold and describe hot sex with her.

13: When the Mountian Folk woman tries to seduce me when I am pumping her for info, I am not allowed to raise with a description of hot sex with her.

14: On a related note, I am no longer permitted to get my Coat's dice during a conflict by removing my Coat.

15: Bliss Stage is not an appropriate system for running a Paranoia game.

16: Neither is Dogs in the Vineyard.

17: I am no longer allowed to have FATE aspects inspired by Kobolds Ate My Baby, including but not limited to Tastes Like Chicken, In Heat, and ALL HAIL KING TORG!!!

18: I am allowed to refer to a sexual relationship as being at "Intimacy 5." My Bliss Stage character is no longer allowed to refer to a sexual relationship as being at "Intimacy 5."

19: 4chan Memes cannot be in any way involved with all future games of Shock: Social Science Fiction that I participate in.

20: My Spirit of the Century character cannot be the Spirit of Cheese, nor of Big Pimpin'.

Courtesy of Joepub on Story Games:
21. I am no longer allowed to gesture in any way when I say the words "bring down the pain".

22. I am no longer allowed to list "my genitals" as a Shock.

23. ...or an Issue.

24. ...or Minutiae.

25. "Ray gun manufacturing" is not appropriate side work for a boxer.

26. "Contenders made me do it" will not help me get out of trouble with the law.

27. "Rowdy sex with your mom" is NOT an appropriate Stamina descriptor for Sorcerer.

28. ...neither is "Rowdy sex with your dad".

29. I am not allowed to write "By the horns PO+3" on my Beast Hunters character ever again.

30. Tissues do not resolve Issues.

Courtesy of Deliverator:
31. Not allowed to demand that the government play an 8 before torturing prisoners at Guantanamo.

(I eventually houseruled that everyone is allowed to do this.)

Courtesy of Brendan:
32. "Fuckin'" is not a valid Trait.

33. My Coat is not embroidered with "Fuckin'" across the shoulders.

34. I am no longer allowed to escalate to "Fuckin'."

35. Or get d12s from my Trait and Coat for doing so.

36. I am no longer allowed to name my PCs from page 263 of the Story Games Names Project.

37. Being named "Bicarbonate of Soda" does not give me Resist 5 Acid.

38. I am no longer allowed to insist that any player who decides to "Roach up" actually insert a rubber cockroach into one of their orifices.

39. I am definitely not allowed to insert it for them.

40. When attempting to run Cheap, I am required to inform all players beforehand that I don't know the rules either.

41. In Nobilis, I am no longer allowed to play the Power of Fuckin'.

Courtesy of Ben Lehman:

42. I am not allowed to set "I know the meaning of life" as stakes.

Also, at least two people agree with me when I say Dogs is good for magical girl games.

...On a related note, I beleive I've introduced the concept of "Fribblefrabble" to the theory. ...oh dear god, what kind of memetic monster have I created!?

Eh, can't be worse than desudesudesudesudesudesudesudesu...(repeat 10^10000 times, interspersed with Combo Breaks and Gaston).
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1. Ask me five questions. On any subject you like. Anything at all.

2. I will answer them in a separate post. (FYI: I may do several interviews in one post, but you get the idea.)

3. If you would like five questions, ask in response.

Also, interludes for Bliss Stage done today. Oh, god, were they fun. Also full of Squick and Win.


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