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Because the game is over. And it was awesome.

This should be good for a laugh. )

To be continued after I get kicked out.
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I've started up a Project Playlist account with my unofficial Bliss Stage soundtrack. If you don't know, Project Playlist at http://www.playlist.com is a free music-sharing social networking site, and I love it to death.

Note the following songs in particular:

Damn, I have a lot of these and a lot of commentary. )

Big update

Sep. 2nd, 2008 08:00 pm
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Getting into the swing of college. Typography homework is on ancient languages and early phonographs: I'm also doing some work on the final Quark project, a newsletter.

I really do like typography homework - I'm geeky enough to look at the Courier of the text I'm typing right now and mentally go "Square-serif, light, medium x-height ratio, medium m-length, kerning such that the characters are equidistant and it doesn't look off."

Also, I seem to have an irrational love of geometric sans-serif typefaces, like Bauhaus and the Myriad family. Maybe it's because I watch / read / game sci-fi so often.

I could post a Why I Play Bliss Stage entry, easily, but, well - every single interlude resulting from this week's game counts.

Why I Play Bliss Stage, In Conclusion. )

No other game I've played has ever consistently moved me to tears. It is a game designed to inspire roleplay of terrible and beautiful poetry.

And, Ben, please feel free to put that on the back cover of Ascent Stage, and attribute it to Elliott Belser.
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http://chess.livejournal.com, the player who controls the Innocent Sweetheart Jessica in Rapid Eye Movement (among others), commented that Bliss Stage plays better on IRC and other forms of chatroom than it does tabletop.

Her reasoning?

Paraphrased, "The emotional distance over IRC allows you to deal with the squick factor of the Intimacy system and the brutal war than you'd be able to face-to-face."

She may have a point. I was the first one to call for FADE TO BLACK OH GOD MY CHEEKS ARE BURNING RED RIGHT NOW during the Alice/Lloyd/Amanda scene. You know, the one that resolved the love triangle. By Alice sighing, "Amanda, Lloyd - you have too much clothing on; there is a bed over there."

What are your thoughts? At the very least, I think it's worth a mention in Ascent Stage.

PS: Incidentally, that REM scene has so very been given an entry under Crowning Moment of Awesome: Other at http://tvtropes.org, along with that one playthrough with Keenan's self sacrifice and Seth Ben-Erza's Saved My Childbearing's "...I'm releiving you of command, sir. (Probably a paraphrase.)"
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Actual play report.

Cut for Bliss Stage, naked Lloyd, and 'practical sex ed classes' )

Chessy ruled: Trauma relief for Lloyd. His personal problems, such as being a manipulative SOB, are going to bite him on the ass some day...

Manipulative, egotistic, arrogant, aggressive, near-megalomanical SOB, thank you very much . . . --SoylentWhite

That too. - EB


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