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"You may not all be aware of how the war started - although you are all bright lads, let me reassure you, and I know that young Kent already surmised what I am about to tell you - but it began when those green crystals began to grow on our planet.

Naturally, my corporation - my company, excuse me - decided to analyze the crystals. We were, after all, specialists in cutting edge technology of all kinds, and this unique new mineral had some intriguing properties.

Which saved me, and possibly the rest of us, because we had the first warning of what the Bliss was when an ENTIRE LexCorp high energy physics lab fell asleep on their feet. Someone ran a current through the damn things while they were in a liquid solution, and a wave of energy overwhelmed their minds.

You have all had parents Bliss. It's not a pretty sight, I must admit. But I took it in stride, and realized these crystals for what they were; an attack, and a subtle one, playing on the greed of humanity - greed I nearly succumbed to myself. So I was ready.

I had a stasis device, prepared for such an emergency... ah, yes, Wayne, I see by your expression you approve. And when the aliens landed after their alpha strike, I stole the parts I needed to counter-attack, with the help of some of you who are still here... and some that died or Blissed so that we would continue.

I realized that I could not use our weapon - the Numina Inverter - myself, as it required it's, ah, pilot to sleep; so I did my best to secure the aid of the... most worthy. The strongest child survivors, in body and mind and most of all in spirit.

Our first pilots were Bruce Wayne, Kyle Rayner, and Oliver Queen. Of them, Bruce is still fighting, Kyle has stepped down to advise and Anchor Stewart, and... Queen did what he had to for the rest of us. They were the first League.

The machine - the Numina Inversion Device - the ALIEN Numina Inversion Machine - translates you into the realm where the aliens are from, where they are more vulnerable to attack. By calling on the dream imagery you associate with those you love, you can fashion weaponry. Love is, literally, your weapon. And Trust - specifically trust in your Anchors, your navigators and often your lovers (oh, don't give me that look, Miss Anders, we ALL know how you feel about Dick even if you don't) is your armor.

Though even I was a little stunned to see Wayne, Rayner and Queen literally become superheroes - the Batman, the Green Lantern, and the Green Arrow.

This is how it stands. We are fighting a war for humanity.

Clark, you will be anchored by Lois. John, you will become the new Green Lantern as Rayner Anchors you. Wally, of the people in whom you've shown interest, Linda is the most level-headed. Coraline, you and Grayson will be paired. Diana - your rapport with Minnie is cause for her to Anchor.

You will become our superheroes.

Love is your weapon.
Trust is your armor.
And against these nightmares?
Alexander Luthor will. Not. Sleep."

Discuss. :D
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The city - of Villageburg!


Yeah, you should totally come to Villageburg - it's my entry in My Mini City, where you try to build a great and lasting city by inviting friends.
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So, yes, doing an introductory game of Bliss Stage at RPG.net - if you want in/to watch, log into an RPG.net account and go here: http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?t=427120.

Also, having just read what the Cool Collar From Battle Royale That Awesome Movie and the Desu Note do (the latter allows you to write down someone's name, and then a fandom, to turn them into a slavering otaku), I NEED to run Maid. I mean, NEED. I mean, chaos, confusion, hilarity, and a dash of citrus* = fun.

* As in Lemon and Lime, for all you ficcers out there.
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The_Tall_Man is doing voiceover.

"The origins of life are a complex subject, about which much has been said and written by people much more intelligent than myself.

So instead of trying to repeat that, here's a really big rock!"

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My jorb is at UC Berkeley. I sling salad. I've learned a few things about keeping a job -

Beneath the cut. )

Also, as I promised film at 10:00:

Her name is Sharon. She teaches some orrible brats during the workweek. She is working as a dance instructor on weekends, at Fizzywigs, at the Dickens Fair (which is really cool and you should go there, preferably in your best Victoriana. Cow Palace. $22.00 less 5 for having a BART ticket). We waltzed. I kissed her goodbye. There will be a second date this Wednesday.

Glee does not describe it.
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Inspired by the thread on Mr. Welch.

Crossposted to Story Games.

1: I am no longer allowed to use "Hey, baby, wanna upgrade my mech?" as a pick-up line in Bliss Stage.

2: I am not allowed to play the following characters in Bliss Stage: Kamina, Simon the Digger, Yoko, Gai Daigoji, or any character from Gundam Wing.

3: My ANIMa's primary weapon is not the Shining Finger.

4: Especially if the Shining Finger is a manifestion of my hatred for the Authority Figure.

5: ...And is delivered with the middle finger.

6: Dogs in the Vineyard is not an appropriate system for running a Sailor Moon game.

7: Neither is Bliss Stage.

8: I am not to describe Dogs in the Vineyard as "The Mighty Mormon Power Rangers" to any potential recruits.

9: I am never again to have the Authority Figure in a Bliss Stage game scream, "RESPECT MAH AUTHORITAH!"

10: Just because he has less than 5 Intimacy with his Anchor does not mean that Keenan Caine got her pregnant by kissing her.

11: "Fribblefrabble" is not currently part of GNS jargon, and I am no longer allowed to imply that it is.

12: When the Mountian Folk woman tries to seduce me when I am pumping her for info, I am not allowed to fold and describe hot sex with her.

13: When the Mountian Folk woman tries to seduce me when I am pumping her for info, I am not allowed to raise with a description of hot sex with her.

14: On a related note, I am no longer permitted to get my Coat's dice during a conflict by removing my Coat.

15: Bliss Stage is not an appropriate system for running a Paranoia game.

16: Neither is Dogs in the Vineyard.

17: I am no longer allowed to have FATE aspects inspired by Kobolds Ate My Baby, including but not limited to Tastes Like Chicken, In Heat, and ALL HAIL KING TORG!!!

18: I am allowed to refer to a sexual relationship as being at "Intimacy 5." My Bliss Stage character is no longer allowed to refer to a sexual relationship as being at "Intimacy 5."

19: 4chan Memes cannot be in any way involved with all future games of Shock: Social Science Fiction that I participate in.

20: My Spirit of the Century character cannot be the Spirit of Cheese, nor of Big Pimpin'.

Courtesy of Joepub on Story Games:
21. I am no longer allowed to gesture in any way when I say the words "bring down the pain".

22. I am no longer allowed to list "my genitals" as a Shock.

23. ...or an Issue.

24. ...or Minutiae.

25. "Ray gun manufacturing" is not appropriate side work for a boxer.

26. "Contenders made me do it" will not help me get out of trouble with the law.

27. "Rowdy sex with your mom" is NOT an appropriate Stamina descriptor for Sorcerer.

28. ...neither is "Rowdy sex with your dad".

29. I am not allowed to write "By the horns PO+3" on my Beast Hunters character ever again.

30. Tissues do not resolve Issues.

Courtesy of Deliverator:
31. Not allowed to demand that the government play an 8 before torturing prisoners at Guantanamo.

(I eventually houseruled that everyone is allowed to do this.)

Courtesy of Brendan:
32. "Fuckin'" is not a valid Trait.

33. My Coat is not embroidered with "Fuckin'" across the shoulders.

34. I am no longer allowed to escalate to "Fuckin'."

35. Or get d12s from my Trait and Coat for doing so.

36. I am no longer allowed to name my PCs from page 263 of the Story Games Names Project.

37. Being named "Bicarbonate of Soda" does not give me Resist 5 Acid.

38. I am no longer allowed to insist that any player who decides to "Roach up" actually insert a rubber cockroach into one of their orifices.

39. I am definitely not allowed to insert it for them.

40. When attempting to run Cheap, I am required to inform all players beforehand that I don't know the rules either.

41. In Nobilis, I am no longer allowed to play the Power of Fuckin'.

Courtesy of Ben Lehman:

42. I am not allowed to set "I know the meaning of life" as stakes.

Also, at least two people agree with me when I say Dogs is good for magical girl games.

...On a related note, I beleive I've introduced the concept of "Fribblefrabble" to the theory. ...oh dear god, what kind of memetic monster have I created!?

Eh, can't be worse than desudesudesudesudesudesudesudesu...(repeat 10^10000 times, interspersed with Combo Breaks and Gaston).
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Based on two premises.

1) What if you could build a hyperdrive-equipped starship in your backyard for around the cost of a car? Assuming it was fusion-powered, you could even fuel it with water (split the hydrogen from the oxygen, which you route to life-support)...

2) At this point, most of the funding for NASA and SETI and such come from science fiction fans. Most of which would give thier left testicles/ovaries to meet a sapient alien and/or colonize another planet.

...so what if the first space colonists turned out to be sci-fi and anime fans?

Cut for extreme silly )

I have no idea where to take this, beyond the fact that if it's going to be such an obvious homage to Bab 5, that there should be Expys of the Shadows and Vorlons. Seeing as this is probably going to be a story about stories at this rate...

I have a vision of the Shadow Expy cosplaying as Haruhi Suzumia, and her species Arc Word question being "What makes it cool?". Her "Vorlon" counterpart would ask "What does it mean?" instead.

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A letter from the Bliss Stage game I just played today.

Dear Jason,

You should have just been asked to tutor Jessica. Given that the only real alternative is Julian, I appeal to your sense to accept the task. If that fails, consider that I will bash your head in if you don't accept, and I'm sure the right choice will become clear. Abuse the trust I have given you, and I'll rip your balls off, so be polite and gentle, and make sure she *likes* it.


P.S. Not kidding about the 'balls' part. Seriously.
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1. Ask me five questions. On any subject you like. Anything at all.

2. I will answer them in a separate post. (FYI: I may do several interviews in one post, but you get the idea.)

3. If you would like five questions, ask in response.

Also, interludes for Bliss Stage done today. Oh, god, were they fun. Also full of Squick and Win.
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Bless you, TV Tropes.

The Heart of the Spiral: "Impossible" is nothing more than a challenge - go beyond the impossible! Approach all tasks with passion in your heart. Love and spirit are the most precious possessions any being can have. Whenever possible, act as an inspiration to others. Progress and evolution are key aspects of life. Hope must never, under any circumstances, be discarded, and above all else: know yourself, be true to yourself, and believe in yourself. Use of 4chan and similar sites is strongly discouraged, for to hide one's face is the way of the Anti-Spiral.

The Cult of Potter: Friendships are extremely important. Death is not to be feared, as it is a natural part of the cycle of life. Racism must never be tolerated (though a splinter sect sadly supports such notions of "blood-purity"). Authority, while necessary, should never be completely trusted (even Albus Dumbledore was but a man), and there are always situations when it may be best to disobey. And if they are willing to take it, everybody deserves a second chance.

The Slaves Of Suzumia Brigade: The world should be made as interesting as possible, and screw what's expected. Have fun, and help others have fun as well. Try to find the magic, the special, in every situation, and keep an eye out for mysteries. Bunny outfits are traditional garb for priestesses.

The Ninja Way: Any obstacle can be overcome by loyalty, determination and hard work. Barring that, just hope your family leaves you a solution to all your problems.

The New Gospel of Evangelion: You're miserable. You're always going to be miserable unless you yourself decide that you're worth the effort that it takes not to be. Once you decide this, you are in a position to help others. If something comes up, go down fighting--it's better than hating yourself. God loves you, but He wants you to deal with your own issues. That said, having people who (try to) love you always helps.

Church of Lylat: Never give up. Trust your instincts. Do a barrel roll.
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For great silly, and to remind Ben Lehman that I still want feedback. Four months of silence, Ben. NOT COOL.

...I understand you're busy, but still, you could have at least shot off another "I'm busy." Grr. No harm done.

So, under the cut, one of every card type.

Bliss Stage copyright 2007 Ben Lehman. BS:TCG copyright 2008 Elliott Belser.

Everybody in the car and come on, let's ride. )
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I am the Very Model of a Modern SF Novelist

Oh wow. )


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