Well crap.

Aug. 10th, 2008 08:53 pm
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My TV Tropes entry on Bliss Stage is in the first page of a Google search.

...right before all of the irrelevant entries, but still. Damn.

Also launched Mambo Intimacy 5. And got a "Made Of Win" for that name. Nice.
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Attention, Tv Tropers and other people who want Bliss Stage memes to spread, thereby making people google Bliss Stage, and subsequently buy it, giving Ben Lehman the money he richly deserves!

I am searching for examples for a new entry on TV Tropes, the text of which is below:

Mambo Intimacy 5

"A little bit of Yukiko in my life!"
"A little bit of Meredith by my side!"
"A little bit of Laura in the sun!"
"A little bit of Anna all night long!"
"A little bit of Sara -"

"- This is the point where you can officially SHUT THE FUCK UP, Keenan!"

- Keenan Caine from Bliss Stage shows us how it's done.

So you're playing a game that for whatever reason rewards you for pursuing a romantic partner. All well and good: increasing Relationship Values that have beneficial effects, some game-mechanical in nature, others less so, has a long and time honored place in games about relationships.

But what happens if you get these bonuses for each relationship you establish, instead of for having a single relationship?

Then the game is encouraging you to dance the Mambo Intimacy 5, that's what! In these games, the ultimate path to power is rolling every relationship up into a massive Love Dodecahedron.

Named for the song Mambo # 5, which describes the bevy of girls that the singer has enjoyed the company of, and for Level Up At Intimacy 5.

Examples -
* The only stats you have in Bliss Stage are Relationship Values - if you can get high-Intimacy, high-Trust relationships in most of La Resistance, you're unstoppable in your Empathic Weapon Humongous Mecha.

* Thousand Arms, Or So I Heard. (Having not heard of that game, could someone explain why?)


Please post your examples, if you have any.

That is all.
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Bless you, TV Tropes.

The Heart of the Spiral: "Impossible" is nothing more than a challenge - go beyond the impossible! Approach all tasks with passion in your heart. Love and spirit are the most precious possessions any being can have. Whenever possible, act as an inspiration to others. Progress and evolution are key aspects of life. Hope must never, under any circumstances, be discarded, and above all else: know yourself, be true to yourself, and believe in yourself. Use of 4chan and similar sites is strongly discouraged, for to hide one's face is the way of the Anti-Spiral.

The Cult of Potter: Friendships are extremely important. Death is not to be feared, as it is a natural part of the cycle of life. Racism must never be tolerated (though a splinter sect sadly supports such notions of "blood-purity"). Authority, while necessary, should never be completely trusted (even Albus Dumbledore was but a man), and there are always situations when it may be best to disobey. And if they are willing to take it, everybody deserves a second chance.

The Slaves Of Suzumia Brigade: The world should be made as interesting as possible, and screw what's expected. Have fun, and help others have fun as well. Try to find the magic, the special, in every situation, and keep an eye out for mysteries. Bunny outfits are traditional garb for priestesses.

The Ninja Way: Any obstacle can be overcome by loyalty, determination and hard work. Barring that, just hope your family leaves you a solution to all your problems.

The New Gospel of Evangelion: You're miserable. You're always going to be miserable unless you yourself decide that you're worth the effort that it takes not to be. Once you decide this, you are in a position to help others. If something comes up, go down fighting--it's better than hating yourself. God loves you, but He wants you to deal with your own issues. That said, having people who (try to) love you always helps.

Church of Lylat: Never give up. Trust your instincts. Do a barrel roll.


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