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KaTAwa, not KaWAta. KaTAwa.

Played to all of the Good Endings in act 1, and am now adding Shizune to the list of people I instantly fell in love with in this game, not to say that I disLIKE any of the others.

...I have been thinking entirely too hard about this, and, well, triggery cut-rant is triggery.

TL;DR is that this game is awesum!!1! and thought-provoking and you should play it. )

Off to class. More about internet software applications and thier limitations today. I'll be online.
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Kawata is apparently not a nice word in Japanese - something like "Cripple" or "Retard" or both. Meaning that Kawata Shoujo doesn't have the nice translation of "Disabled Girls" provided with it - it means something more like "Gimped Chicks." With a name like that, and the fact that it's by Anonymous 4-Chan Four Leaf Studios, you might be forgiven for running away on a pogo stick.

Kawata Shoujo turned out, however, to be a wonderful, beautiful game about coming to terms with disabilities and young love.

I fell in love with Rin, a mercurial, probably aspie, artist. Did I mention she has no arms, and painted a mural with her feet?

I did, not just my character. Play this. It's sensitive, well written, and highly recommended.


In less OMGsqueee~ news, hexadecamal math in class today, oy gevalt... still a lot simpler then advanced Algebra, and managable, and interesting.
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Lyrics to the opening theme of Talia Black's favorite anime, Venus Warriors. Because I have too much time to kill. Clearly. )

The terrible thing about this, really, is that it's got the same melody as the theme song to my never-got-anywhere magical girl show, Nightmare Rouser Faye.

Which, due to TOTAL boredom, I'm going to make my next post.


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