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First off: Life.

Just sent an e-mail to Ms. Rapaport, my old career counselor at Job Corps, asking for a little help getting documentation about how fucked up I was at Job Corps. Also, help getting an office job somewhere in the Culinary field. You know, running inventory at a supermarket, or editing a cooking magazine, things like that. Where my erudition on things Food is an asset, and my being a nerd is an asset.

Cooking for myself is fun, and I'm getting adept at learning how to turn convenience foods canned and boxed stuff (sorry for the CulJob jargon) into actual food. It's amazing how delicious Progresso Chicken and Rotini can taste if you saute carrots and onions in a ban with olive oil, salt and herbs, THEN add the contents of that can and a bay leaf. Extra bonus flavor for adding ham to the saute.

Had a lot of fun at Board Game Night at Eudemonia, a card shop intarwebs cafe game store on the east side of Shattuck and University. They hold one every Thursday, and I played a couple of hands of Magic:TG. ...And won, to my surprise. The fact that I was playing Xelvinas' horrifically good White resurrection deck (I like playing "survive until you can destroy the lynchpins of their strategy") in a multiplayer game, but I never really grokked card games until recently I started getting into L5R and The Spoils. I hear the latter is making a comeback, too, now that they've dumped the hardcore angle and made it a casual, non-collectible, stand-alone game.

Which brings me to Bliss Stage - Bliss Stage: Strategic Stage, my now semi-official card game, in particular. Not that y'all care. )

Also, As soon as I saw my new icon I needed it. So hard. "I love you, but You people are all idiots!"

Ruri is THE Savvy Anchor. Get moar icons like these from Tigerbunny at http://www.flickr.com/photos/rathekis/sets/72157622352145040/.

The computer game continues ahead of schedule.

Life is good on my end.

How about you?
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KaTAwa, not KaWAta. KaTAwa.

Played to all of the Good Endings in act 1, and am now adding Shizune to the list of people I instantly fell in love with in this game, not to say that I disLIKE any of the others.

...I have been thinking entirely too hard about this, and, well, triggery cut-rant is triggery.

TL;DR is that this game is awesum!!1! and thought-provoking and you should play it. )

Off to class. More about internet software applications and thier limitations today. I'll be online.
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Kawata is apparently not a nice word in Japanese - something like "Cripple" or "Retard" or both. Meaning that Kawata Shoujo doesn't have the nice translation of "Disabled Girls" provided with it - it means something more like "Gimped Chicks." With a name like that, and the fact that it's by Anonymous 4-Chan Four Leaf Studios, you might be forgiven for running away on a pogo stick.

Kawata Shoujo turned out, however, to be a wonderful, beautiful game about coming to terms with disabilities and young love.

I fell in love with Rin, a mercurial, probably aspie, artist. Did I mention she has no arms, and painted a mural with her feet?

I did, not just my character. Play this. It's sensitive, well written, and highly recommended.


In less OMGsqueee~ news, hexadecamal math in class today, oy gevalt... still a lot simpler then advanced Algebra, and managable, and interesting.


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