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Well, crap. I just discovered a wealth of indie PC games that rock on toast, as they say round these parts. All of which are various flavors of platformer, I just realized...

Cave Story, well, duh. Sorry I'm late to the party on this, but it's a Metroidvania (open world platformer/adventure, areas are only restricted by whether or not you have like a rocket pack or something) with an excellent story, plus a weapon that shoots ducks if you make the mistake of upgrading it.

Iji - the creator of Iji described it as "System Shock 2, if System Shock was a sidescroller." It has one of the most compelling, disturbing stories I've ever seen, the most compelling female avatar since Metroid, and a morality system that doesn't suck. Aliens called the Tasen have invaded the earth: as Iji, one of the few human survivors now enhanced with cybernetics, you have to get them the Hell off your planet. The trouble is? The Tasen have their own problems... beat the game by blasting everything in sight. Then do it without killing anything but the bosses.

With a name like The Mighty Jill-Off, you can bet it's NSFW )

I recommend any or all of these games. Warning: time consuming.
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The_Tall_Man is doing voiceover.

"The origins of life are a complex subject, about which much has been said and written by people much more intelligent than myself.

So instead of trying to repeat that, here's a really big rock!"

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My jorb is at UC Berkeley. I sling salad. I've learned a few things about keeping a job -

Beneath the cut. )

Also, as I promised film at 10:00:

Her name is Sharon. She teaches some orrible brats during the workweek. She is working as a dance instructor on weekends, at Fizzywigs, at the Dickens Fair (which is really cool and you should go there, preferably in your best Victoriana. Cow Palace. $22.00 less 5 for having a BART ticket). We waltzed. I kissed her goodbye. There will be a second date this Wednesday.

Glee does not describe it.


Nov. 30th, 2008 09:16 am
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I has a job.

I iz workin toeday.

Also: date and kiss yesterday. Film at 10:00.


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