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Yes, that means "I Am Not A Cat."

I'm not sure when that came up.

But anyway, Hikkomori: The Melancholy of Seiko Aino, part II. Yes, feel free to throw things at me for that.

If you care about the mechanics, click here. )

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The true ending to Ori Ochi Onoe is brilliant. No spoilers, but let's say I didn't see it coming, but in retrospect it made perfect sense. I blazed through it and I was finished with it by 4 - amazing. Next in line is Gakuen Dream.

I told Tokho about it afterwards, and then I asked her for advice on how to deal with... him. Akira. I still wasn't sure what I was going to do. I wanted to talk to him, but... well, I'm not exactly as good looking as I was then. I've gained weight.

"Why are you asking me?" was Tokho's response.

"You have more experience with this," I said. "I mean, you and Kei and just... just a good couple. You're happy together."

"...He's a dork."



"He's an adorable dork. He's adorkable, if you will."

Tokho smiled at that. "God knows why I like him."

"Yeah, but you do."

"You have Akira's number," Tokho said. "Couldn't hurt to call him."

I really couldn't argue with that, but I was scared. She helped walk me through what to say, and I called.

He... was between homework, and he was happy to hear from me. I told him that I had beaten O3, and that it was good, and I think I said "I am really nervous about talking to you, it's been a while," but as one long word in one breath.

He took that as a compliment, thank God.

"I miss you too," he said. "We should meet for coffee, or something. And talk about dating sims, I guess, just as long as we also talk about something else."

"I'll... try," was my response. I meant try to go out. Where there are people. Who aren't Akira.

"Please do," he said, and we said goodbye and hung up.

I really will. I feel good about this.


The plot thickens. Also, I know am not messing up the rules; I would have probably wasted all her time on Elven Relations or something if I did it right yesterday, ha.

Also, I appear NOT to be running into the "Lose all otaku traits due to meddling Rescuers" feedback loops. I AM running into a raised hope feedback loop, though. Which is interesting.
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I will be playing and posting fictional snippets using the rules of Hikkomori, found here: http://dsg.neko-machi.com/hikikomori.pdf - first off it's a game by Ewen "Neko Ewen" Cluney, and second it looks awesome.

Those will be behind cuts. Tune in tomorrow for the first one.
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Pic unrelated. Sort of.

Veronica called me. Very nice convo - she's calling me tonight. Hoping to see her in the week she's recovering, it being my spring break and all. I'll see if she can pledge some financial assistance in that: I'm saving up myself.

I do rather like St. Valentine's day (and the story of St. Valentine), so long as you remember not to make it more serious or complicated than it is. Just a day to honor romantic love - not OMG MUST BUY CHOCOLATES AND ROSES AS DRAGONFODDER. I understand the reason why it's such a hated holiday, though - my friend Li-Chi calls it Singles Awareness Day for a reason, and the commercialism made of it makes me gag. But I like the reminder to connect and re-connect the holiday provides.

I now have a writerly urge, and want to do comic book scripts for a lighthearted Action/Romance/Comedy thing I'm calling Neon Veda Bodhisattva, at the mo, because the basic idea in my head was "like Evangelion off crack."

If you don't care about Neon Veda, then why click the link? )

In other news, Dad is going to New Orleans tomorra night on Serious Business. I am envious. Chocolatefrapp, if you can reccommend him a good restaurant, please do.

And how was your St. Vals, everyone?
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Lyrics to the opening theme of Talia Black's favorite anime, Venus Warriors. Because I have too much time to kill. Clearly. )

The terrible thing about this, really, is that it's got the same melody as the theme song to my never-got-anywhere magical girl show, Nightmare Rouser Faye.

Which, due to TOTAL boredom, I'm going to make my next post.
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I am.  Really.  The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

So I'm going well, studying Buddhism and eastern mythology (particularly the Chinese myth of Kwan-Yin), and wrote a short story (just called "Kanchan's Story") and a game based on the Kwan Yin myth  for all the girly nar yingers out there.

You know, the Womanly Women (and Manly Men, and Androgynous Androgynes) who like to play Womanly Games to tell Womanly Stories of girls coming to age.

(Happy birthday, by the way, Casey.  My present is late.  I now owe you 0 games.)

The game's called Reaper Beauties, or Shoujo Shinigami in the Japanese. 

In it, you Reap those who hunger for the lives they once had and live a pale shadow of it through the obsessions, rages and fears of those that live - the Hungry Ghosts. 

With the help of your friend Kanchan, the Chinese dim-sum delivery girl and the goddess Kwanyin, Compassion Herself.

You have one power: you can when a Hungry Ghost has grabbed hold of a man or woman's heart with one of it's thousand hands, so you always know who is under it's power.

You can't fight the ghosts, that makes them stronger.  You defeat them instead.

It's cool.

Still no girlfriend, but I forsee one that is beautiful and intelligent in the next month or so.  (This is because most girls are, if you look for it).  Also new friends.  I find that I can actually speak intelligently with strangers now.  's weird.  's cool.

Probably heading out to Job Corps on Treasure Island in the space of a month, maybe less.  I can see you all on the weekends when I go.

Hope you all had a good day.  Mine went well.

- Elliott Belser
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I'm going to be doing some K*S drabbles, one for each of the girls.

...yes, including Misha. There will be no "Isn't it sad, Misha?" on my part.

First one is below the cut.

Crossposted to the Katawa_Shoujo comm.

Fandom: Katawa Shoujo
Tags/Warnings: ASL, Drabble, Shisao, WAFF, gratuitous chess terminology.
Timeline: Takes place after the Shizune path in Act 1, not that this is important to the plot.
Notes: I am fully aware that Shizune converses in Japanese Sign Language; I don't know written or spoken Japanese worth a damn, much less signed Japanese. I do, however, know a little ASL, and where to learn more. Consider her to be conversing in JSL, dubbed into ASL. If that makes sense.

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