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Evangelion 2.0 - both movies, and probably the rest when they come out.

Shinji is still as screwed up as he was in the TV show, but in the movies? He deals with it. Those movies are a much needed reminder that it's not about what happened, but what you'll do next.

Plus, he did in fact just get a headshot on Cthulhu, Rei has turned from an emotionless doll to a soft spoken and kind warrior, and Asuka is tsundere rather than tsuntsun.

Even if you are not an anime fan, I recommend this series. It is a sterling example of military science fiction with excellent characters.

As for my life, it continues. Sorry I haven't been posting that often: I was absorbed in an LJ RP game, Planeocracy, which is cracktastically delicious. Blah blah RP blah blah OMG anime I like blah blah Katawa Shoujo blah blah blah. )

I've moved into the new place, a house that my parents are renovating; I help them clean it up, prime the walls for new paint, do light demolition, things like that. It's actually a nice place so far; the kitchen and bathroom work, my bedroom is nice and gets a good amount of light, and the den is also a guest room (eventually).

Arashi, my love for two years and counting, graduates from her rather nasty school tomorrow (and is legal wooo) and is moving up to my neck of the woods to go to school in Berkeley, which is incredible awesome.

Also, Bliss Stage: Love Is Your Weapon, the Ben Lehman approved fan vidya game project me and my doods are working on, is... well, we need art, especially backgrounds and large Visual Novel sprites, but the demo is functional otherwise.

Our next project is going to be what happens when you make Alpha Centauri or Civ 4 an RTS. Next post will describe that. Hehehehe.
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Next question.
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Why do you assume I am interested at all? I am not interested in the slightest: I have been given no reason to be interested, and I've seen the trailers.
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Ask them what they'd like. Get that.

If the answer is anything, cook for them and spend time with them.
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No such thing as romantic chemistry - there's immediate visceral physical attraction, or Chemistry, and there's a deep, intimate and trusting bond, or love. The first takes weeks; the second months.

Mind, chemistry with your lover helps. A lot.

On a related note, I love you, Arashi, and I always will.
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EnglishSpeaking! Shampoo from Ranma 1/2, honestly.

She's portrayed as energetic, flirtatious, and posessing of the weird mix of clingy and poly that I can deal with.

Also, as being rather sensual and catlike, in a good way. Not just in terms of, well, I'd tell you to get your minds out the the gutter IF I weren't a hypocrite; but also she's PORTRAYED as foodie with a fondness for touching, being touched, perfume and the like.


Tomorrow on www.loveismyweapon.com is Random Fandom Wednesday.

Be very afraid, Bliss Stage fans.

I go on something resembling a Date today. Wish me luck.

And good afternoon.
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On both counts.

Three guesses and the first two don't count.

Icon very related.


Also related: This comm. If you're interested, then join, and start to lurk moar. http://community.livejournal.com/first_act_crap/


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