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This has been literally forever.

I've mostly put this up for archival purposes.

Still, I may as well journal here.
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So. Back from the dead.

The really important news is twofold: I'm romantically involved now, with the lovely Ashley, and the Bliss Stage fanwork that I've been working on, Bliss Stage: Love Is Our Weapon just got funded at Kickstarter to the tune of $2700.00 - Two thousand, four hundred and some-odd after Amazon and KS get their take, not bad at all.

I went to Fanime this year for both reasons. She has a sense of humor, is mature beyond her years, and is amazingly affectionate. I'm pretty sure I love her. I actually met her through Bliss Stage: she was one of our artists for... two? Years and only just fessed up that she enjoyed flirting with me in the last couple of months. I also went with our mutual friend and sometimes also lover Sean, who was a loveable goof.

No major purchases, but we met a wonderful Yukari cosplayer who drew the first non-commissioned Bliss Stage fanart in the history of the game. Of Sara, natch. I predict that our character design of Sara hildegarde Smith will make Sara quite poplar.

Two months and 2.4K later we're doing a major crunch to get something presentable out in 60 days. I'll admit that I didn't expect quite that much support: it's almost half again what we asked for. Good news, I guess. Among other things we're looking for (SF bay area, particularly the East Bay) locals to voice act. We can't pay in money, but we can pay in food, which I'm okay with considering that most of the cash is going STRAIGHT into equipment ANYWAY. Student film ethics apply.

Tried signing up for summer classes, but I fucked up and did it too late. I did sign up for business, Sign Language, and screenwriting classes at BCC in the fall.

Oh, and one last thing: Every game Vincent Baker of Lumpley Games has ever made is amazing. You owe it to yourself to at least sit in on a game of Dogs in the Vineyard, Apocalypse World, or Poison'd. If wargames are more your thing and/or you have a bunch of Legos or Lego byproducts sitting around unused, try Mechaton.
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Although in my case it's less for pleasure than for Serious Fucking Business.

The demo of Bliss Stage: Love Is Your Weapon will be out by then, if all goes exactly as according to keihaku. And there will be posters to sell, and the gayest Bliss Stage oneshot EVER.

Other than that, I'm doing well: school continues apace, I have a place to live during construction on the house, and I'm getting the services I need to function.

When your worst problem is trouble wrangling people for a game, you've got it good.
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Tell me two true things, one false thing; don't tell me which is which. That's how the game works.

Repost and I'll do the same.

Comments are, of course, screened.
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Afternoon to y'all.

Spent the morning working on the house - living in a house my parents are renovating, and they removed the chimney, so I'm stacking bricks. Good workout, actually; I lost an inch doing it. 57'' is a horrible waistline size, but it beats the hell out of 58'': 56 and no or bust next week, here's hoping.

Applying for some jobs! Going to the farmer's market with a stack of resumes this weekend, hoping to snag a job as a cook for a prepackaged food company or as a farmhand. Wish me luck, guys.

Last weekend, spent some time with [livejournal.com profile] universal_queen, Feyna, Henry and Ben - Bliss Stage game, plus shit-shooting and dinner. Made spaghetti with pesto cream sauce - always a winner - and fried some fish, which... didn't work as well. Next time, Elli, deep fry: don't half-ass it.

And speaking of Bliss Stage - those just tuning in, I've been tapped for a fan-project, a Visual Novel for PC's (and Macs, come to that). I mentioned that I might want to post some Interludes from same, and...

Well, I still do, but I'd like to structure it as if it were a rough play-through of the game. Not at this site: I'd like it to be a little more... uh... secure. But at another site.

If you'd be interested in being part of this... shall we call it a Let's Write? Then post here, and I'll invite you to the site.
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Trick Question: You know what tastes better than scrambled eggs with spinach and bacon? Answer: Nothing.

Question 1: If I were to link to Bliss Stage VN interludes here, would people read and critique them?

Question 2: RPG-wise, what do you want to hear about from me?

Question 3: Does anyone know of a recently published system for tabletop space-opera starship combat that doesn't blow syphilitic goats?

Question 4: Does anyone know of good semi-pro comic artists working in a European idiom?

Question 5: Whazzup?
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You got your Alpha Centauri in my Starcraft!

Our next project is getting those two great games to play great together.

If that sounds like your cup of tea, read on. )

Please give detailed thoughts, comments, suggestions and critique on these ideas!
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Evangelion 2.0 - both movies, and probably the rest when they come out.

Shinji is still as screwed up as he was in the TV show, but in the movies? He deals with it. Those movies are a much needed reminder that it's not about what happened, but what you'll do next.

Plus, he did in fact just get a headshot on Cthulhu, Rei has turned from an emotionless doll to a soft spoken and kind warrior, and Asuka is tsundere rather than tsuntsun.

Even if you are not an anime fan, I recommend this series. It is a sterling example of military science fiction with excellent characters.

As for my life, it continues. Sorry I haven't been posting that often: I was absorbed in an LJ RP game, Planeocracy, which is cracktastically delicious. Blah blah RP blah blah OMG anime I like blah blah Katawa Shoujo blah blah blah. )

I've moved into the new place, a house that my parents are renovating; I help them clean it up, prime the walls for new paint, do light demolition, things like that. It's actually a nice place so far; the kitchen and bathroom work, my bedroom is nice and gets a good amount of light, and the den is also a guest room (eventually).

Arashi, my love for two years and counting, graduates from her rather nasty school tomorrow (and is legal wooo) and is moving up to my neck of the woods to go to school in Berkeley, which is incredible awesome.

Also, Bliss Stage: Love Is Your Weapon, the Ben Lehman approved fan vidya game project me and my doods are working on, is... well, we need art, especially backgrounds and large Visual Novel sprites, but the demo is functional otherwise.

Our next project is going to be what happens when you make Alpha Centauri or Civ 4 an RTS. Next post will describe that. Hehehehe.


Mar. 4th, 2010 11:41 am
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This Gratuitous Icon that I'm Posting is a result of Djinni and his awesome steampunk art.

Yes, that's Josh Preston. Yes, that's a steampunk jetpack.

The reason why is simple: in 1851, Christendom was devasted by an attack from un-earthly enemies. Only the Aetheric Resonance Engine can... naw, just fucking with you. I just wanted a Josh Preston icon. Feel free to take this one if you liek it, just credit it to Djinni.

Also, on a sadder note, I must revise my post before this one.

You can bring up a politician's private life if, and only if, they are trying to legislate things that intrude upon your private life. I'm looking at EVERY SINGLE 'protect marriage from teh Fags' politician who cheats on their wife as I say that. >:C
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Next question.

I live!

Feb. 17th, 2010 06:47 pm
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Yeah. Basically, all I'm up to is hiking, job-hunting, writing, and games, hopefully in that order. Wish me luck.

Also, have a recipe. Please tell me how clear it is - I might be writing a cookbook in my spare time, and if I do, I need it to, y'know, work.

Chicken in Curry Cream Sauce )
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Comment with the name of a female character and I'll tell you why I love her. In return, you can do the same in your journal.

Also, this is what this icon was MADE for.
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First, I need to give some context here.

Y'all heard of EVONY? A rather mundane resource-management game? The one that had the hilariously sexist cheesecake ads ("Come play with me, my lord") that bore no actual relation to the gameplay?

Altiel is an interesting online CCG that I never really got into, but was pretty fun.

Altiel's current ad campaign is of a smirking, fully clothed female fencer, and the copy "She's actually in this game, my lord."

And suddenly I am interested in Altiel again. >:3

PS: She's quite a useful offensive unit in game, too.
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I've applied for classes, though I may need to shuffle them around. Probably will take Spanish instead of Japanese if it's still available - it should have been my third choice (after ASL and Mandarin) for foreign language, and it was one of the few with an introductory course. Probably taking basic Computer Science as well - I love working with fiddly logic bits.

My culinary training is, in retrospect, awesome. A great deal of time was spent in France figuring out logical food science and procedures; because of that, I can improvise well with my training. I had flour, butter, chicken broth, onions and curry powder - and from that I could make a pretty good mild curry. Had couscous on the side, then my training suggested to me that if fried rice is good, that fried cous-cous might also be good. TL;DR: it was. If you ever have leftover cous-cous, make fried cous-cous. Your taste buds will thank you. At this point it's not enough to get me a job as a cook, of course, but it is enough for home economics and eating well for cheap.

I turned in an application for a job at a dollar store down the street, which was oddly satsifying. I have a fair crack at getting the job, too - I was a pretty good cashier back at Tacone some four years ago, and my brother's friend and my sort-of-friend Yessenia works there and is willing to recommend me. It's good to finally GET OHN WITH IT after spending six years as Hisao Nakai depressed and unable to act around my disabilites and mental illness.

My rewrites of the Bliss Stage VN scenes are good; the characters are a lot more gritty and earthy and pragmatic this go round without being any less cheerful, hopeful and idealistic. I especially like my Ruthless-If-Pressed version of Sara Smith and my Not An Asshole version of Keenan Caine this go round. Also, the VN's Joshua Preston is pretty much the opposite of a moron this go round. I'm really enjoying my dialog exercises with these guys - most of it's going in the VN.

And how are you?
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Crossposted from Ben Lehman's LJ:

"Hi everyone.

From now until Sunday midnight, I’ll donate all profits from PDF sales on my website (which is basically the amount you paid) to Haitian earthquake recovery organizations. Additionally, I will donate $5 from each copy of Drifter’s Escape. So if you’ve been thinking about buying Polaris or Bliss Stage, now’s a great time. For this to work, you have to buy directly from my website not from IPR.

If you have already donated $10 or more, send me a receipt and I’ll send you a free PDF.

I’d also take suggestions for organizations to donate to."

If any of you have been meaning to pick up Bliss Stage, Polaris, or Drifters Escape, now's the time.

XXXXtreme Street Luge (The Game That's Like Vin Deisel) is fine too.
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( You're about to view content that the journal owner has advised should be viewed with discretion. )
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Life happens.

I'm re-enrolling in classes, taking out a student loan - this is pretty much the best way to ensure that I have money and regular computer access at this point, and in the future. That combined with continuing to look for clerical and data entry work.

Taking creative writing classes on the grounds that it will force me to do creative writing, at least 1/3 of which will not be Bliss Stage related.

Speaking of which, the VN chugs along. I am hoping we can get something out in time for Anime Conji in April (http://www.animeconji.org/), because I'm holding some games there (http://www.animeconji.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=37). Including but not limited to the infamous Katawa Stage; I'm rewriting it to be less LULZ DATING SIM INJOKES (specifically, I'm making Hisao a Rising Hero with an actual codified stat block, rather than the stupid trick where he's a Devoted Lover with a 5/3 to be assigned); AstraKiseki rightly pointed out that "no one cares."

On a related note, I really need to get some Bliss Stage cosplay going for that. Planning on going as VN!Josh Preston, Kenji, and/or (Gurren Lagaan's) Viral, Marketing. Should be fun.

I can also probably hold Bliss Stage games online for people; in fact I intend to.
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Why do you assume I am interested at all? I am not interested in the slightest: I have been given no reason to be interested, and I've seen the trailers.
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Have a dreidel fight.

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So, introducing a new character to Street Fighter 4 in the next expansion? Cool.

A villian? Also cool.

The first Korean character in a Street Fighter game?


...I don't have enough energy to be horrified by this, CAPCOM. Just disappointed at a Japanese game with a brutal, cruel bitch as the only Korean character in it.

Because god knows that Japan got the worst of the last war between Japan and Korea.


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